Check to See If Money Order is Good

How One Can Check to See If Money Order is Good

Although quite a number of companies and organizations in general are starting to refuse money orders as a form of payment, many others still accept them but there is the underlying danger of receiving counterfeit money orders that shouldn’t be overlooked. While at times one may honestly be unaware that they have a counterfeit money order, you will still be liable to some bank charges and often even legal repercussions if you take a fake money order to the bank. And since the technology today is nothing like what it used to be back in the days, the chances that counterfeit money orders will be spotted are often very high. This is the reason why it’s normally advisable that you check to see if money order is good first before using it.

Benjamin Franklin Watermark

The easiest way to check to see if money order is good usually is looking for the Benjamin Franklin watermark that is supposed to be on the left side of any legit money order. Then just close to the watermark there should be a vertical colored thread written USPS. Money orders that have these two are often legit but if any one of these is not evident, be warned; you are holding a counterfeit money order.

Denomination Counterfeit Signs

The denomination of any real money order should appear in two major locations: on the top right corner and repeated along the denomination line. Secondly the denomination should be written clearly without even the slightest signs of erasing or alterations. Lastly, the maximum denomination for any US money order is $1000 but connivers often take advantage of unknowing people by issuing out money orders of values exceeding this limit. So if the value of the MO exceeds this maximum limit, there are any signs of changes of the denomination or the denomination is not written in the right location, what you have is certainly not a real money order.

Color Checking

Being keen on the color of the money order that you’ve been issued with can also help you determine a real from a counterfeit money order. To check to see if money order is good as far as color is concerned; first keep in mind that any valid US money order is made from a combination of three main colors: blue, yellow and green. If the money order comes in different colors from these or the colors are not clear it may also mean that the money order is not real.

These are the three basic criteria that you can use to determine whether you have a counterfeit or a real money order before taking it to the bank at any time. Nonetheless as you are checking for the necessary features to prove the validity of the money order that you have, ensure that you are holding it in bright light because a real money order should show all the features of a true money order when held in bright light. This is a precaution you must take when you have decided to check to see if money order is good so that you don’t reject or get rid of a real money order thinking it is a counterfeit.