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Chef's Choice 110 Vs 120: Comparing the 110 and 120

Chef’s Choice 110 or 120 – Which is Best for You?

Here, we will quickly compare two well-regarded knife sharpeners the Chef’s Choice 110 vs 120, highlighting both their differences as well as their similarities aspect by aspect to provide you with a clear overview as to what both can offer you & help you establish as to which appliance is best for you to get.

Similarities Between the Chef’s Choice 110 and 120

Appearance & Design

The 110 and 120 look attractive (modern & sleek) yet are entirely practical — being compact in size enabling you to keep them pretty much anywhere on your countertop & of course be easily stored away. Both are integrated with stabilizing feet give them a good grip on the surface that they are kept on so that the machine does not shake or move while in operation.

Three-stage sharpening

Both the 110 and 120 are three-stage sharpeners. The pre-sharpening stage sharpens the blade of your old knife however worn it might be. The second stage is the sharpening stage where high quality diamond abrasives are used to give the knives the most superior edge. In the third stage the blade is honed to give an excellent finish to the knife. Both models can sharpen knives from the tip to the bolster.

Type of Knives & Abrasives

The 110 and 120 can sharpen various types of knives including household, sporting and heavily used knives. Whether you engage in a lot of outdoor activity or need knives for household use these sharpeners will suit your needs well. With regards to the actual sharpening it is carried out with 100% diamond abrasives which is the best material that is used for knife-sharpening. Diamonds are made of the toughest material and are good as abrasives.

Knife Guides

Both the models have knife guides which enable you to place the knife at the correct angle for sharpening. The angle used by the sharpeners ensures a very high quality edge in your knife.

Easy Maintenance & Cleaning

Unlike other sharpeners you do not need to put oil or lubricate the sharpeners or the motors and bearings. In fact the sharpeners are guaranteed not to detemper. Moreover, it is easy cleaning the sharpeners as only the metal shavings need to be disposed of by taking out the clean-out tray. All the microscopic metal gets accumulated in the tray due to the design of the sharpeners. Cleaning can be done once a year; no need to spend time and effort cleaning after every use.

What’s the Difference Between the 110 and 120?

Features of the Chef’s Choice 110

The Chef’s Choice 110 is a professional knife sharpener and can sharpen a variety of knives including hunting and household knives. It is a three-stage sharpener with a pre-sharpening and sharpening stage, followed by a third stage which hones the blade of the knife. 100% diamond abrasives are used in the sharpening process. Precision angles have been provided so that the blade gets the best and sharpest edge with Trizor Plus, a patented edge by Edgecraft. Cleaning is easy since the magnetic action inside collects all the microscopic particles which can be taken out when the tray is removed.

Chef’s Choice 110 Rating: 78% (sourced: amazon.com)

Improvements in the Chef’s Choice 120

The 120 has retained the excellent features of the 110 along with some improvements. The precision knife guides are spring assisted so as to get the most precise angle for the knife to be sharpened. It also has a flexible disk for stropping which makes the edge the sharpest. The motor of the 120 is more powerful with 125 watts as compared to the 110 motor which has 71 watts. Due to the upgraded motor the 120 takes less time to sharpen knives. Serrated knives can also be sharpened with this machine, something that is not recommended for the 110.

Chef’s Choice 120 Rating: 90% (sourced: amazon.com)

Which Knife Sharpener Should You Buy the 110 or 120?

The 110 and 120 are excellent sharpening machines and if you have to choose between the two it can be a difficult task. However, the premium 120 knife sharpener has more features and a more powerful motor taking less time for sharpening knives. Hence if you have to choose between the two you can purchase the 120. In any case both knives are available at great prices and choosing either one of the two will be worthwhile.

Moreover, if you have any questions or issues about the comparison account of the 110 Vs 120, then please make them below.

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