Chef's Choice 110 Vs 130: Comparing the 110 and 130

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Chef’s Choice 110 or 130 – Which is Best for You?

The following comparison account will highlight the similarities and differences between two very popular knife sharpeners from Chef’s choice — 110 Vs 130 — allowing you to gain a clear idea as to what each can offer you & ultimately help you decide which appliance to go for.

Similarities between the Chef’s Choice 110 and 130

Appearance & Design

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The 110 and 130 look attractive with a sleek, smooth design and are compact in size enabling you to keep them anywhere on your countertop (or taking up minimal space in a cupboard). Stabilizing feet give them a good grip on the surface that they are placed on so that the machine does not shake or move while in operation.

Weight & Dimensions: The 110 measures 6.3 x 10.4 x 6.3 inches and weighs only 4.2 pounds and the 130 measures 12 x 6 x 6.2 inches and weighs a bit more at 5 pounds

Three-stage sharpening

Both the 110 and 130 are three-stage sharpeners. Common to both sharpeners is the sharpening and honing functions. While the stages are separate in the 110 they are combined in the 130. The 110 also has a pre-sharpening stage while the 130 has a stropping stage.

Type of Knives

The 110 and 130 can sharpen household, pocket and sporting knives, as well as any knife that you may have which is worn and old. Whether you are an outdoor enthusiast or need a sharp knife for household chores, these sharpeners can produce the sharpest edge for you.

Knife Guides & Abrasives

Both the models have precision guides which enable you to place the knife at the correct angle for sharpening. The angle used by the sharpeners ensures a very high quality edge in your knife. Furthermore, there is nothing as tough as diamonds and diamond abrasives are believed to be the best for sharpening knives. The 110 and 130 use diamond abrasives in the sharpening stages.

Cleaning & Maintenance

One of the best aspects about these machines is that it requires minimal effort when it comes to cleaning; in fact you can easily get away with cleaning them just once a year. The microscopic metal shavings get deposited in the tray underneath and have to be disposed of by removing the tray. Unlike other sharpeners you do not need to put oil or lubricate the sharpeners or the motors and bearings. In fact the sharpeners are guaranteed not to detemper.


Edgecraft guarantees that the material used will never detemper knives that are used in these machines. This will keep your knives safe while being sharpened by these machines.

What’s the Difference Between the 110 and 130?

Features of the Chef’s Choice 110

The Chef’s Choice 110 is a three-stage sharpener with a pre-sharpening and sharpening stage, followed by a third stage which hones the blade of the knife. It is a professional knife sharpener and can sharpen a variety of knives including hunting and household knives with 100% diamond abrasives used in the sharpening process. Magnetic precision angle guides have been provided so that the blade gets the best and sharpest edge with Trizor Plus, a patented edge by Edgecraft.

Cleaning is easy since the magnetic action inside collects all the microscopic particles which can be taken out when the tray is removed. Using it is also simple and the stabilizing feet provided at the bottom of the machine keeps it in place while sharpening is on.

Chef’s Choice 110 Rating: 78% (sourced:

Improvements in the Chef’s Choice 130

The 130 has retained the excellent features of the 110 along with some improvements. Firstly, it is more powerful than the 110 which has a 71-watt motor whereas the 130 has a 125-watt motor. This means that the 130 takes less time to sharpen, about a minute for each knife, whereas the 110 takes anywhere between 1 and 2 minutes. The 130 has spring precision knife guides compared to the 110’s magnetic ones. With a flexible stropping disk the 130 can also polish knives for a better honing. It can also sharpen serrated knives, something that is not recommended for the 110.

Chef’s Choice 130 Rating: 90% (sourced:

Which Knife Sharpener Should You Buy the 110 or 130?

The 110 and 130 are two of the most popular sharpening knives from Edgecraft. Choosing between the two can be difficult; but if you have to pick only one — I’d advise you go for the premium 130 model. The Chef’s Choice 130 sharpener has more features and a more powerful motor taking less time for sharpening knives. In any case both knives are available at great prices and choosing either one of the two will be worthwhile.

Finally, if you have any queries or issues regarding the comparison of the 110 Vs 130 then please make them below (& if you’ve found the article helpful be sure to give it a like or share).

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