Chef's Choice 120 Vs 130: Comparing the 120 and 130

Chef’s Choice 120 or 130 – Which is Best for You?

In this comparison account we will quickly contrast two popular Knife Sharpeners from Chef’s Choice — 120 Vs 130 — through providing a feature by feature comparison, pin-pointing their similarities and subtle differences, to provide you with a clear idea as to which machine to go for.

Similarities between the Chef’s Choice 120 and 130

Appearance & Design

They look the same (a modern, sleek & overall minimalist appliance) but are slightly different in size. The Chef’s Choice 120 is 12 x 6 x 6.2 inches in dimensions and weighs 5 pounds whereas the 130 measures 12 x 6.2 x 6.2 inches and weighs 4.7 pounds. The three stages are clearly marked and both machines have stabilizing feet with which you can place it anywhere on your kitchen work surface.

Three-stage sharpening

The 120 and 130 use a three-stage sharpening process that gives a superior razor-edge finish. In the first stage the knife is sharpened with diamond abrasives followed by toughened steel with microscopic teeth that gives more sharpness to the knife in the second stage. The last stage involves stropping with a flexible disc.

This kind of multistage sharpening extends the life of your knife since it re-sharpens the edge with very little metal removal as compared to single stage sharpeners.

Trizor Edge

With the three-stage sharpening it is able to create a sharp and durable arch-shaped edge with a triple bevel. The Trizor Edge is a patented design of Edgecraft that creates these sharpeners. Moreover the angles are many times sharper than conventional blades and stay sharp for a longer duration of time.

Types of knives

These sharpeners are suited for butcher, sporting, serrated and chef knives. The different varieties of knives that can be sharpened by these sharpeners make them so popular. Moreover, the sharpeners can be used on a knife of any size and can sharpen the entire length of the blade starting from the tip to the bolster. Nothing additional is required for sharpening.

Angle Guides & Double Bevel Edges

Both sharpeners have angle guides using which you can sharpen your knives. This is very useful since sharpening at the wrong angle can take more time as well as make it difficult for the rough angles to be smoothened out. Furthermore, you will get a double bevel edge with both sharpeners whether you need a knife for preparing routine meals or whether you work as a chef and need a professionally done edge on your knife.


The 120 and 130 can recondition old knives however worn or used they might be, giving them a new lease of life after reconditioning and will last for a long time.


Both sharpeners are very easy to clean with a magnetic pad that collects residue during the sharpening process. Due to this, microscopic metal pieces do not get stuck inside the machine and is also good for safety as the pieces will be removed due to magnetic action incorporated in the machines.

What’s the Difference Between the Chef’s Choice 120 and 130?

Features of the Chef’s Choice 120

The Chef’s Choice 120 is ideal for various knives including ones for hunting and gourmet, butcher and straight edges that are required to be very sharp. The 3-stage process of sharpening blades ensures that you can save time using a single machine to do a pre-sharpening, sharpening, honing and polishing. It uses high quality diamond abrasives which have a high degree of precision. You can use the flexible polishing to get the kind of finish that you desire and the knife will be secure with the spring design incorporated in the machine.

Chef’s Choice 120 Rating: 90% (sourced:

Improvements in the Chef’s Choice 130

The 130 has retained most of the features of the 120. The 130 also makes it possible to have a steeling stage which is useful if you want to trim meats and cut fibrous foods.

Chef’s Choice 130 Rating: 90% (sourced:

Which Model is Best – Should I Buy a Chef’s Choice 120 or 130?

Both the Chef’s Choice 120 and 130 are great knife sharpeners and it is a difficult task choosing one over the other. But if you have to buy only one of them, it has to be the 130 since it is a newer version with a steeling stage. Both models are available at great prices and you will get excellent value with either of them.

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