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Chef's Choice 120 Vs 320: Comparing the 120 and 320

Chef’s Choice 120 or 320 – Which is Best for You?

Here, we will briefly compare two popular knife sharpeners from Chef’s choice — 120 Vs 320 — through an aspect by aspect basis, determining their differences and similarities, to give you a clear indication as to which machine is best for you.

Similarities between the Chef’s Choice 120 and 320

Design & Appearance

Both the 120 and 320 are compact in design and look attractive. They can be placed anywhere on the countertop and have stabilizing feet which will provide a good grip while the sharpener is being used.

Sharpening Stages

Both have the two stages of pre-sharpening and sharpening. In the pre-sharpening stage diamond abrasive discs are used for the first round that is very useful for old or worn knives. In the second stage high quality polymer disks are used to polish and strop the knife’s edge to a perfect sharpness. The first stage is meant for straight knives only before taking it through the second stage, whereas serrated knives must be used in the second stage only.

Types of Knives

Both the 120 and 320 sharpen a large variety of knives including household, sporting and serrated knives. It can also sharpen Japanese type single and double bevel edge blades.

Precision Guides & Double Bevel Edge

Both the machines have precision angle guides that make it easy to position the knives at the right angle for optimum sharpening. This is done with the help of internal elastomeric springs in the precision guides. Moreover, they are integrated with a double bevel edge in both sharpeners — whether you need a knife for preparing routine meals or whether you work as a chef and need a professionally done edge on your knife

Cleaning & Easy Maintenance

It is easy cleaning the sharpeners as only the metal shavings need to be disposed of by taking out the clean-out tray. All the microscopic metal gets accumulated in the tray due to the design of the sharpeners. Cleaning can be done once a year; no need to spend time and effort cleaning after every use. Different to standard sharpeners, with the Chef’s Choice models you do not need to put oil or lubricate the sharpeners or the motors and bearings. In fact the sharpeners are guaranteed not to detemper.

What’s the Difference Between the 120 and 320?

Features of the Chef’s Choice 320

This sharpener is very compact and very easy to use. The 320 measures 12 by 6-1/5 by 6-2/5 inches, making it compact and remains stable on your countertop with stabilizing feet at the bottom . It uses two sharpening stages, one for honing the knife’s edge and the second stage to polish and strop the edge to a perfect sharpness. It also has spring guides to make sure that the knife is at the right angle to be sharpened.

Cleaning is easy with the clean out tray from which metal shavings need to be removed. Lubrication nor oiling is needed for this machine. The 130 can sharpen a variety of knives including serrated, sports, pocket, single bevel and double bevel Japanese blades. You can place knives at the right angle with the help of the precision guides.

Chef’s Choice 320 Rating: 90% (sourced: amazon.com)

Improvements in the Chef’s Choice 120

The 120 retains all the great features of the 320. The 120 measures 12 by 12 x 6.2 x 6.2 inches making it compact like the 320. It is a three-stage sharpener as compared to the 320 which is a two-stage sharpener. In the 320 the pre-sharpening and sharpening stages are combined whereas in the 120 they are treated as separate stages. With the three-stage sharpening it is able to create a sharp and durable arch-shaped edge with a triple bevel. The Trizor Edge is a patented design of Edgecraft that creates these sharpeners. Moreover the angles are many times sharper than conventional blades and stay sharp for a longer duration of time.

Chef’s Choice 120 Rating: 90% (sourced: amazon.com)

Which Knife Sharpener Should You Buy the 120 or 320?

Both the 320 and 120 will provide an excellent edge to your knives. If you have to choose between the two, I’d advise that you go for the Chef’s Choice 120 which is a premium three-stage sharpener as compared to two stages in the 320. At the excellent prices that both are available at, you can’t go wrong with either.

Also, if you have any questions or issues regarding the comparison of the 120 Vs 320, please make them below.

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