Chef's Choice 130 Vs 1520: Comparing the 130 and 1520

Chef’s Choice 130 or 1520 – Which is Best for You?

This account will quickly compare two popular knife sharpeners from Chef’s choice — 130 Vs 1520 — pin-pointing the differences (& similarities) in features & aspects, allowing you to conjure a clear idea as to which appliance is best suited for you.

Similarities between Chef’s Choice 130 and 1520

Appearance & Design

When you look at both sharpeners you will not be able to tell the difference from the off since they look very similar. The 130 measures 12 x 6 x 6.2 inches and whereas the 1520 is 12 x 6.2 x 6.4 inches; both weigh 6 pounds. They are compact enough and can be conveniently placed anywhere on your counter top without eating up too much space.

Three-Stage Sharpening

Both are three-stage sharpeners. In the first stage the edge of the blade is sharpened with 100% diamond abrasives. The second stage involves honing to make the edge finer. The last and final stage includes polishing with a flexible stropping disk. You can even customize the type of edge you prefer by following the stages in a different order.

Abrasives & Detempers

100% diamond abrasives and flexible stropping are used in the sharpening process. There is nothing as tough as diamonds and diamond abrasives are believed to be the best for sharpening knives. Furthermore, Edgecraft guarantees that the material used will never detemper knives that are used in these machines. This will keep your knives safe while being sharpened by these machines.

Type of Knives

The 130 and 1520 can sharpen a large variety of knives. If you have old and worn knives that you want to use again, these sharpeners will recondition them for you. Whether it is sporting, gourmet or household knives, these models can give all of them the sharpest edge possible. According to owners of these sharpeners, the edge that the machines produce is better than a factory made edge.

Knife Guides

Both models have precision guides which enable you to place the knife at the correct angle for sharpening. The angle used by the sharpeners ensures a very high quality edge in your knife.

Cleaning & Maintenance

Cleaning these machines is a breeze. The metal pieces are collected inside the machines automatically through magnetic attraction and can be disposed of anytime by taking out the tray. Minimal effort is needed when it comes to cleaning; in fact it is enough if you clean them only once in a year. Unlike other sharpeners you do not need to put oil or lubricate the sharpeners, or on the motors and bearings. There is no maintenance required for these sharpeners.

What’s the Difference Between the 130 and 1520?

Features of the Chef’s Choice 1520

The 1520 carries the latest technology is knife sharpening and sharpens strops and steels various types of blades. It can sharpen straight edges as well as serrated edges with ease. It is a three-stage sharpener with sharpening in the first stage followed by honing and then stropping. The built-in precision guides make sure that your knife is placed at the exact angle that optimizes sharpening. It is compact and attractive in design and does not occupy too much space. It is compact in design and is easy to clean with no maintenance required.

Chef’s Choice 1520 Rating: 92% (sourced:

Improvements in the Chef’s Choice 130

The 130 has retained the best of 1520 and is quite similar to it. Just like the 1520 the 130 can sharpen sports, pocket and household knives with straight as well as serrated edges. The 130 also has a steeling stage where it includes extremely toughened steel which creates the sharpest edge possible with microscopic teeth which results in a superior bite in the edge.

Chef’s Choice 130 Rating: 90% (sourced:

Which Model is Best – Should You Buy a Chef’s Choice 1520 or 130?

Both the 130 and the 1520 are three-stage knives that can sharpen a vast variety of knives and give them the sharpest edge. They have similar features and look the same. If you need to choose one out of the two sharpeners you can choose the Chef’s Choice 130 since it also has a steeling stage that gives an extra bite to the edge. Both are available at excellent prices and you will not regret if you buy either of them.

Finally, if you have any questions or concerns regarding the Chef’s Choice 1520 Vs 130 then please make them below.