Chef's Choice 314 Vs 320: Comparing the 314 and 320

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Chef’s Choice 314 or 320 – Which is Best for You?

The following account will be a brief comparison of two very well regarded and premium knife sharpeners (although quite similar) from Chef’s Choice — 314 Vs 320 — pin-pointing their subtle variations as well as their similarities, allowing you to get a clear idea as to which appliance is best suited for you.

Similarities Between the Chef’s Choice 314 and 320


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Both the 314 and 320 look similar & modern minimalist design that are also compact in size enabling you to keep them anywhere on your countertop. They are also integrated with stabilizing feet give them a good grip on the surface that they are placed on so that the machine does not shake or move while in operation.

Dimensions & Weight: The 314 is 10.6 x 6.3 x 6.4 inches and weigh 4 pounds whereas the 320 is 10.6 x 6.4 x 6.3 inches and is a bit heavier at 5 pounds. You can keep either of them anywhere on your countertop without taking up too much space.

Two-Stage Sharpening

The 314 utilizes a two-stage sharpening process. First stage is for sharpening and honing the blade. Then the second stage involves polishing the blade to hone and perfect it even further. It uses high quality diamond abrasives that produce extremely sharp edges which are much sharper than razors.


The 314 and 320 can sharpen straight edges as well as serrated blades. The 314 can be used for butcher, gourmet, and sporting as well as serrated knives. Whether you use knives outdoors or need one for your kitchen at home these sharpeners are ideal for your use.

Precision Guides

Advanced elastomeric springs which make sure that the knives are placed against the precision guides for a complete control of the right angles for optimum sharpening.


Diamond abrasives are believed to be the best for sharpening knives and the 312 and 320 use diamond abrasives in the sharpening stages. This is the best method of knife-sharpening that ensures the highest degree of sharpness.


One of the best aspects about these machines is that it requires minimal effort when it comes to cleaning; in fact you can get away with cleaning them only once year. The microscopic metal shavings get deposited in the tray underneath and have to be disposed of by removing the tray.

Easy Maintenance

Unlike other sharpeners you do not need to put oil or lubricate the sharpeners or the motors and bearings. In fact the sharpeners are guaranteed not to detemper.


Edgecraft guarantees that the material used will never detemper knives that are used in these machines. This will keep your knives safe while being sharpened by these machines.

What’s the Difference Between the 314 and 320?

Features of the Chef’s Choice 314

The Chef’s Choice 314 is an excellent two-stage knife sharpener which can sharpen straight as well as serrated blades. It uses ultrafine diamond coated disks for sharpening and honing knives to perfection. It has spring operated precision guides that hold the knife in place so that the angles are correct during the sharpening process. Cleaning is also easy due to the magnetic action that collects all metal shavings which can be emptied out by removing the tray. There is hardly any maintenance required and is guaranteed not to distemper while sharpening.

Chef’s Choice 314 Rating: 86% (sourced:

Improvements in the Chef’s Choice 320

The 320 has retained the excellent features of the 314 and is a more recent model. The pre-sharpening and sharpening stages have been combined in this machine. The final stage includes a thorough honing with flexible strop disks. It is also faster than the 314 and sharpens a knife in 1 minute while the 314 takes anywhere between 1 to 1.5 minutes to sharpen a knife.

Chef’s Choice 320 Rating: 90% (sourced:

Which Knife Sharpener Should You Buy 314 or 320?

The 320 and 314 are very popular knife sharpeners from Edgecraft. Choosing between them may be difficult since they are quite similar and do an excellent job. If it does come down to picking one of the two you can purchase the 320 which is a bit faster than the 314 and a more recent model. They are available at great prices so you will not be disappointed with either of them.

Furthermore, if you have any questions or concerns with regards to the comparison 314 Vs 320 then please make them below.

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