Chef's Choice 609 Vs 610: Comparing the 609 and 610

Chef’s Choice 609 or 610 – Which is Best for You?

This article will quickly contrast two premium Chef’s Choice electric food slicers, specifically the 609 Vs 610, going through their similarities and differences with regards to specific features & aspects, in order to give you a clear overview as to which appliance is best for you.

Similarities between the Chef’s Choice 609 and Chef’s Choice 610

Integrated Motor & Blade

Both models have a powerful motor which is gear driven with high torque. Even if you use it for slicing several food items and use it many times in a day the motor will not heat up like other slicers in the same range. The highlight of the food slicers is the 7 inch blade made of stainless steel and can easily cut through vegetables, fruits, bread cheese and meats. It has been specially designed to slice soft products which may have a hard crust or items like sausages which have a slightly thicker skin.

Design & Appearance

The Chefs Choice 609 and 610 have a cantilever design which enables it to drop the sliced pieces into a food carriage that is provided below. There will be no slices that go waste with this efficient design and will make it very convenient for you to collect the sliced pieces once the job is done. The food carriage is large enough to hold large food items like large ham roast and hams.

Dimensions :Both the slicers are compact and look similar but the 610 weighs 16.3 x 12.4 x 11.9 inches whereas the 609 weighs 13 x 25 x 17 inches.

Thickness Control

You may want different thickness for your turkey, sausages, cheese and many other food items that you consume at home. The Chef’s Choice slicers have a control for adjustable thickness which varies from deli thin to as much as half an inch thick. This makes it very flexible for various types of food to be sliced with this machine.

Cleaning & Safety Features

The 609 and 610 are very easy to clean and since the blade can be removed with a quick twist of the control knob. The food pusher, food deflector and thickness guide can be removed as well. Furthermore, the machine has been built with features which ensure complete safety.

When you store away the slicer, you can keep it at point zero which locks it and prevents the slicer from opening out and exposing the blade. Also, it as a space on which you can place your thumb while operating the machine so that your hand is safe. In case there is a power surge there is a safety fuse which will protect the machine ensuring that it lasts for a long time without any damage to it.

What’s the Difference Between the 609 and 610?

Features of the Chef’s Choice 610

The Chef’s Choice 610 is a rugged slicer with stainless steel and aluminum cast housing and stands out with an attractive design. It has a precision thickness control which gives you slices which can be deli thin or as thick as 3/4 of an inch. A powerful motor with a high torque ensures efficient slicing of various food items. It has a cantilever design for easy delivery and removable parts for quick cleaning. You can operate it in a continuous or an intermittent mode and inbuilt cord storage makes it convenient to store it away.

Chef’s Choice 610 Rating: 90% (sourced:

Improvements in the Chef’s Choice 609

The 609 is a newer model and has retained the excellent features of the 610. It has a closed base whereas the 609 has an open base making it easier to clean. The 609 is also lighter owing to fewer metal components than the 610; it weighs only 10.5 pounds whereas the 610 weighs 12 pounds.

Chef’s Choice 609 Rating: 86% (sourced:

Which Electric Food Slicer is Best – Should You Buy a Chef’s Choice 610 or 609?

Both slicer models are excellent for slicing a large variety of food items. If you have to choose between the two, I’d advise you pick the Chef’s Choice 609 given it is a more recent model that weighs slightly less and is easy a fair bit easier to clean (& is usually a bit cheaper than the 610 too). Both slicers are available at great prices and you will get excellent value if you buy either of them.

Moreover, if you have any queries or concerns with regards to the comparison of the 609 Vs 610 then please make them below.