Chemistry Club's London Events – Organised by Mark Simon and his team

Chemistry Club is a company that works with the technology sector. The Business has been in operation since 1999 and has provided networking events for the past eleven years. The evenings allow individuals to discuss the industry and share views in a neutral surrounding.

Chemistry Club currently hosts nine networking events in Central London each year. The forums are structured in a way that allows attendees to discuss topics with other individuals in a time efficient way. Organised by Mark Simon and his team, the company states tits events are not social gatherings but should be thought of as work based events. The evenings are frequently busy but executives have the choice to move around the room at a pace that suits them. Individuals can talk to whoever they choose as it is entirely up to mutual consent as to who each executive talks with. Executives can also discuss industry topics with people they have not previously met.

Chemistry Club’s events have a carefully chosen speakers who can share ideas and best practice of a variety ofrelevant topics. Following the talk, the speaker will hold a related question and answer session which leads to even more thought provoking discussions and interesting questions. Mark simon and his team have attracted a wide range of people from different areas to the events including; executive management from large corporations, senior executives from media organisations and members of the public sector. Directors from private equity firms and IT suppliers also attend the events.

To further the discussions the Company invites; Chief Executives, Operations Directors, Heads of Procurement, Academics, Security and Risk Directors and Marketing Directors.

Lead by CEO of Chemistry Club, the company also provides a series of other services including; special briefings, executive coaching and master classes.

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