Chicago Old Town Apartments and Old Town Rentals

Old Town lies to the south and west of Lincoln Park in Chicago. It’s one of the historic neighborhoods of the city and Old Town rentals are in high demand. They seldom lie vacant for long as the Chicago Old Town apartments are centrally placed in a very desirable location.

When the Great Chicago Fire of 1871 razed much of the city to the ground, and when people had time to look around, they were surprised to see that parts of Old Town had somehow been spared the ravages of fire.

Today, this surviving remnant of old Chicago still stands, with its little streets and alleys meandering at will, in sharp and pleasing contrast to the new planning of strict grid lines that Chicago has become.

Old Town rentals are a varied lot. They range from old 19th century homes to townhouse, flats to courtyard buildings with fascinating built-in character, and everywhere there is something different that sometimes doesn’t quite fit in with modern Chicago, but fits in perfectly with the rest of the Chicago Old Town apartments.

Old Town rentals are quite hard to find these days. Apartments don’t come up all that often, and when they do there are plenty of people just waiting to grab them. However, it certainly is worth the wait, for Chicago Old Town is a great place to live.

This is an area where you can find some of the best entertainment in the entire city, and if you feel like wining and dining, then you’ve come to the right place too. Some of Chicago’s best restaurants can be found in Old Town in a variety that will please, whatever your taste might be.

From trendy bars to comedy clubs, renowned restaurants to cafes and clubs, you’ll find that, despite being a relatively small area of just six square block, more or less, Old Town really does has a lot to offer.

One of the oldest Arts Fairs in America is held in Old Town in June every year. Dating from 1950, the fair has become a colorful exhibit of some of the finest art on display in the Mid West. You can view the work of more than 250 artists at the fair, and it also includes live musical performances.

Public transport links to Old Town are good. There’s the CTA Brown Line train that has two stops in the neighborhood, as well as a number of Lake Shore Drive Express buses. Chicago Old Town apartments and Old Town rentals are waiting for you right now.