Chief Attractions in Vienna City

Are you planning for a visit to Vienna? Looking for best attractions in Vienna? Here’s a list of top attractions in Vienna for your reference. Vienna is an awesome city in Austria that demands a visit at least once in a year. Being the capital and largest city in the country, Vienna receives tourist traffic from different parts of the globe all through the year. It is an exciting metropolis buzzing with excellent culture and entertainment for tourists. Vienna is well known for cultural activities and you have a number of music clubs that keep you busy all through. You can experience the historic and modern culture of Austria in this cultural city.

Vienna is a city of dreams offering many popular events all through the year. People from different corners of the world visit Vienna to take part in events and experience the culture. Located in the heart of central Europe, it is a must see destination for people. Vienna is home to many art museums, imperial places and cultural spots.

Schönbrunn Palace

Schönbrunn Palace is a cultural monument of Austria and world famous tourist destination. It is a magnificent palace and is part of World Cultural Heritage. The colorful flower beds and garden mazes give a pleasant appeal. It was residence to the former Imperial family and is visited by tourists even today.

Kunsthistorisches Museum

Kunsthistorisches Museum, popularly called the Museum of Fine Arts is an historic museum of Vienna. It is amongst one of world oldest and best art museums offering tourists a cultural treat. You can find master pieces and unique collections on show. When you visit Vienna, don’t miss this!

The Imperial Butterfly House

The Imperial Butterfly House is part of the Hofburg Palace which is the official residence of the Austrian president. If you enter here, you will feel the pleasant breeze with colorful butterflies of different species flying in the air. You get the complete feel of being in a tropical rain forest spending time on your own. The fluttering of wings by butterflies creates rhythm in and around you.


Hundertwasserhaus is an excellent apartment block designed by artist Frederich Hundertwasser in 1985. It is a unique blend of art and functionality drawing the attention of people. The architecture is something much special about this apartment as the blocks are multicolored and have an urban dwelling of the future.

Vienna is also home to some best coffee shops and wine taverns like Maschu Maschu, Amerlingbells and Steirereck. Demel and Tichy ice Cream are preferred by children to taste delicious chocolates and makes and ice creams.

Accommodation and travel options in the city are also good. You have a number of hotels ranging from simple budget hotels to highly luxurious hotels offering excellent amenities for tourists. You have lots and lots to eat, visit, spend time and enjoy in your Vienna tourism. Plan your travel well in advance and make necessary arrangements. You can check online for best deals and make your travel comfortable. You should visit this historic at least once in your lifetime. Make best use of online facilities and start for your tour to Vienna.