Chiffon Wraps: All You Need To Know

Wraps are a must have accessory of every fashionable woman who likes to stand out from the crowd. Available in a plethora of colors, fabrics, designs and patterns, scarves make an ideal choice for the women of today. Among the various options available, chiffon wraps find the first place in our list. Chiffon is a delicate fabric used to create dresses, scarves and wraps. Chiffon textiles are considered luxury owing to their see-through lightweight property & sheen for evening wear. Today, chiffon is being used in variety of clothing such as wedding dress, chiffon wraps, bridal veil, party dress, lingerie, etc.

Chiffon Wraps: Truly Class Apart

Chiffon wraps are available in endless color choices that allow designers to create fashionable chiffon wraps & scarves, gowns, scarves, skirts and more. Although suitable for all seasons, these stunning chiffon shawl wraps make a staple item for spring and summer wardrobe. They can be worn day and night, outdoors and indoors, paired with a party or casual dress – the choice is ultimately yours.

Chiffon Wraps: Care Guidelines

Chiffon wraps are usually available in combination of other fabrics such as silk, chiffon, and polyester, and therefore, the type of care depend on the type of chiffon wrap you purchase. However, the basic technique is to keep your chiffon wraps clean is ‘dry clean or hand wash & lightly iron”.


You can gently wash chiffon wrap with detergent mixed in warm water; however, for delicate and valuable chiffon wraps, dry cleaning is advisable.


Using a dryer to dry chiffon wrap is a strict no-no. Rather, you need to let the fabric dry naturally in an open space; however, make sure that you don’t use clamps to hold the wrap in place as they may leave permanent marks. You can even lay it on a towel on a flat table to dry.


Hot ironing chiffon wraps is definitely a bad idea. Polyester, silk chiffon and nylon will immediately stick to the hot iron. In contrast, steaming them from a few inches gap, and cold ironing are good choices. A good idea would be to put a light cloth over the wrap and iron on a gentle silk setting on the cloth. That ensures that there is no direct heat as chiffon is very delicate. Moreover, try to wash and flat dry your chiffon wrap in a manner that it doesn’t crinkle too much.