Child Sexual Abuse – Are you safeguarding your Little Angels?

“A six year old girl brutally raped and dumped on the side of the road…”

“A three years old boy brutally raped and victimized by his nursery teacher…”

– The headlines like these now a days are not uncommon in the newspapers around the world. Just pick up a newspaper on any day, and you will find at least one or another news concerning the sexual abuse committed against the children.

The aim of this article is not to frighten you, but to create awareness amongst all those parents and the guardians who want to seriously fulfill their responsibility of safeguarding their children, keeping in mind their vulnerability to such elements, which arises out of their sheer innocence.

Statistics show that every 1 out of 6 children is sexually assaulted at one point of the time in their lives, by the time they reach the age of 18.

Remember, the sexual assaulters are not those people who look dirty or horrific, in fact, they are the ones who wear a shield of trust. Studies have shown that 90% of the time, the sexual assaulter is a person is already known to the kid and its family, like a nearest relative, neighbor, teacher, nanny or even one of your dearest friends!   

Here is a very simple formula for safeguarding your kids against the sexual abuse.


REMEMBER this three letter word all the times – “V-A-T” (VIGIL – ASK – TEACH)

1.  VIGIL – Keep your eyes wide open when:

a.  You visit the Kid’s School, or the Day Care – Get to know the behavior and history of staff employed over there. Keep a frequent contact with the parents of other kids, and ask like what’s happening around.      

b.  You are in your neighborhood – be especially suspicious of a person demanding the company for your kids, or shows over interest to play with them, or offers them chocolates or gifts when you think it is not necessary for them to do so.

c.  You are leaving your kids to the places where your kid is alone with an adult person (best is to avoid doing so).    

d.  Keep a tab on the changes in the behavioral patterns in your kids, like sudden quietness or shyness, over eating, aggressive behavior etc.

e.  Any signs of physical abuse, like fluid or blood oozing out of the genetelia, pain or scratch marks on the body – you can do this every day when you are giving bath to the kids or changing their clothes.  


a.  From your Kids – Ask “What happened in the class today?”, “Does anybody hugs or kisses you in the school, like I did the other day?”, “How does the father/mother of your best friend behave with you when you visit his/her home”, “Did anybody ever pinched you when you were in a school?”

b.  From others – Let others know that you are a Parent who likes asking questions, for example, if someone offers to organize a private tuition class for your kid, ask why is that not possible to do so with a group of children.


a.  The names of the males and female sexual organs – and that nobody is supposed to touch theirs, nor are they expected to touch the private parts of others – should someone ask them to do so.

b.  Difference between a ‘Good Touch’ and a ‘Bad Touch’ and who is supposed to touch them, and who isn’t.

c.  Power of saying ‘NO’ to someone who wants to pick them up in arms, or offers them some sweets, or to anybody who makes them uneasy, or wants to make them do something which they do not want to.

d.  Raise Alarm – Make them comfortable raising an alarm – should they sense “discomfort” with someone’s act.

REMEMBER – “Awareness is the key for ensuring the wellbeing of our little ones. If they are happy, so are we!”

I hope this article will help you to become a better parent in safeguarding your children against sexual abuse. If it does help you in any way, do not forget to spare two minutes and leave a comment. I will be posting more articles on this topic later.