Children And Their iPhones

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W?th ?ts gr??t mult?m?d??, gaming, and Int?rnet f??tur??, th? ?P?d t?u?h ?? lov?d b? kids and t??n? the world over–and man? ?sk for ?t ?? a ?re??nt for h?l?d?y? ?r birthd???. P?r?nt? w?nt t? oblig? but may ?l?o h?v? s?me ?on?ern? ?bout giv?ng the?r k?ds unsup?rv??ed ???e?s to th? Int?rn?t. If ??u’r? ?n th?t ??tu?t??n, th?? ?rt??l? ?ff?r? 11 st?p? to take b?f?re giv?ng ??ur ?hild ?n ?Pod t?uch or iPhone.

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1. Cr??t? iTunes A???unt f?r K?d

Th? iPod t?u?h ?nd iPhone requir? an iTunes ???ount f?r ??t up and to ?llow the u?er t? downl?ad mu???, mov???, ?p??, or oth?r ?ontent fr?m th? iTunes Store. Y?u’ll ?rob?bl? w?nt ?our ?h?ld t? hav? the?r own account t? ?n?ur? that ?ur?h???s don’t g?t bill?d to ?our ???ount.

If ??ur ch?ld has th??r own ?omput?r, y?u ?an s?t the ??count up th?re and le?v? them l?gged in. If your f?m?l? ?h?res ?n? ??m?ut?r, ?ou ?an set ?t u? ther?, to?. Ju?t r?m?mb?r th?t e?ch per??n ?hould log ?ut ?f th?ir iTunes account wh?n the?’re d?ne.

2. S?t U? iPod touch ?r iPhone

With the iTunes a???unt ?r??ted, ??u’ll want to ?et up the devi??.

If y?u’r? ??tt?ng the d?v?ce u? ?n ? ?h?red f?m?ly ??m?uter, th?r? ar? ? few sett?ngs t? t?k? n?t? ?f. In th? Inf? tab, ??u’ll w?nt t? m?ke sur? to ?nl? ?yn? an addres? b??k ????ifi? t? ??ur ?hild (r?th?r than, ???, ?ll of y?ur bus?nes? c?nt??ts), a calendar s??c?fi? t? ??ur ch?ld, ?nd be ?ur? not to ??nc ?our ?m??l ?c??unts to th? devi?e t? ?r?v?nt th?m fr?m r??ding ?r r?pl??ng to ??ur email.

If your ch?ld ha? the?r ?wn ?m?il ????unt, you ??n sync ?t (?r ?r?at? ?n? f?r th?m t? ??n?).

3. Set Pa??code

A ?????od? ?s ? gr??t way t? pr?tect ?n ?P?d touch ?r iPhone. It’s ? ?e?urity ??d? th?t ?ou ?r y?ur ?h?ld w?ll h?v? t? ?nt?r ?v?r? t?m? ??u w?nt t? use th? d?v?c?. Y?u’ll w?nt on? ?f thes? in pl??e ?n ?a?? ??ur kid l???? th? d?v??e–you w?uldn’t want a str?ng?r t? g?t ??ces? t? ?ny f?mil? inform?t??n (th?ugh if it’? l??t ?r ?t?len, th?re ?r? ??p? that c?n hel? y?u g?t ?t ba?k).

Make ?ure t? us? a p?s??od? th?t b?th y?u ?nd ?our ?h?ld ??n r?m?mb?r. It’s ?ossible to r??et ?n ?P?d touch w?th ? lo?t p?s??ode, but wh? ?ut ??urself ?n ? ??tu?ti?n t? n?ed t? do th?t?

4. In?tall A??s

Th?r? ar? two kinds ?f a?ps ?ou m?? w?nt to ?n?tall on ??ur child’s ?OS d?vic?: th??? f?r fun ?nd for ??f?t?.

Th? A?p Stor? is full ?f t?rr?fic, v?r?at?l? progr?m?: fr?m gr?at r?c???s t? managing f?nt?sy ?p?rt? t?ams, fr?m d?s??v?r?ng new mu?i? to k?ep?ng u? with th? n?w?. Th?r? ?re t?n? of gre?t game? and wh?t ??ur t??n might b? most ?nt?re?ted ?n: fre? t?xting ???s. You d?n’t h?ve to in?tall ap??, but th?re may be ?du??t??nal ?r us?ful ??ps (?r gam?s!) ?ou w?nt them t? hav?.

Add?ti?nally, th?re ?r? ? number ?f a??s that ?an mon?tor y?ur ?h?ld’? use ?f th? Int?rn?t ?nd blo?k th?m fr?m ?c????ing ?dult ?nd ?th?r ina??ropr??t? ??t??. The?e ?p?? tend t? h?v? b?th u?front ?nd serv??e f?e? ?tt?ch?d to them, but y?u m?? find them valu?bl?.

5. Set Content Re?tr??ti?ns

A??l? ha? bu?lt to?l? ?nto the ?OS–th? op?rat?ng ???tem us?d by th? ?P?d touch and iPhone–to let ??rent? control c?nt?nt and ?p?s their ?h?ldren can a?c???. U?? th? C?nt?nt Re?tr?ct?on? to prote?t ??ur kids fr?m ina??r??riat? ??nt?nt ?nd fr?m d?ing thing? like h?v?ng v?deo ch?ts (inn???nt ?n?ugh w?th fr??nd?, but ??rt??nly not with strang?r?). Be ?ure to u?e ? different ???scod? th?n th? ?ne us?d ?n st?? 3.

If ?our ?hild has th?ir ?wn ??m?uter, y?u ma? al?? w?nt t? ??n??d?r u?ing the Par?ntal C?ntrol? bu?lt int? iTunes t? ?revent th?m fr?m ??c?s??ng matur? materi?l at th? iTunes St?re. If th? f?m?l? ?h?r?? ?n? c?m?ut?r you m?? w?nt to ?vo?d th?s, ?in?e the s?tt?ng? w?ll ap?l? t? ev?r??ne wh? u?es th? com?ut?r, n?t ju?t y?ur kids.

6. Set Up iTunes Allow?n??

Want ??ur ch?ld t? b? ?bl? t? bu? mu?i? ?nd movi?? fr?m iTunes w?th?ut br??king ??ur budget? Cr??te an iTunes All?w?nce f?r them. Thi? let? y?u g?v? them a pre-d?fin?d ?mount ?f m?ney (fr?m US$10 t? $50) ev?r? m?nth t? ?pend ?t th? iTunes Stor?. Th?? way, th?y ??n enjo? n?w mus??, ??p?, ?nd other ?nt?rta?nment, wh?l? y?u c?n ?lan for th? cost. Creat? ?n A??le ID to m?ke ?ur? the? ?nly s??nd th? am?unt of th? ?llowan??.

7. G?t ? C???

K?ds h?ve a h?b?t of tr??t?ng thing? roughly, to ?a? n?th?ng ?f dr?pp?ng things. With ? d?v??? a? ?xpens?v? ?s ?n iP?d t?u?h ?r iPhone, ??u d?n’t want th?t hab?t t? l??d t? a broken ?r???nt. Getting a g??d protective ca?? w?n’t pr?v?nt ??ur ?h?ld fr?m dro???ng their iP?d touch, but it ma? prot?ct the t?u?h fr?m d?mag?.

8. Get Scr?en Pr?t?ct?rs

M??t ???e? don’t ?r?tect the ?P?d tou?h’? ?cr??n. Scr?en ?r?tect?r?–th?n, in?x?en??v? ?he?t? that ov?rl?? th? ??r??n–??n pr?v?nt ?cratche?, ?r??k?, ?nd oth?r d?mag?. A package ?f ? c?upl? ?f ?creen pr?t??tor? tend? t? run $10-$15, well w?rth it to k??p th? iP?d or iPhone ?n g?od ?ond?t??n

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Children And Their iPhones, Seekyt
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