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Children's Plastic Wading Pool

Are you looking for a children’s plastic wading pool? Well before you purchase a pool for your kids there are a few factors you should consider. We’ll discuss these and highlight a few popular options in this article.

Quality – As I’m sure a lot of us remember from our childhoods, sometimes the kiddie pools didn’t hold up too well. A seam would break and all the water would rush out, or if it was inflatable it would deflate and ruin the fun. Be sure you evaluate the quality of the pool and, if possible, read some reviews on that specific pool to be sure it’s high quality.

Repair – Some pools which are offered now include a repair patch that you can use in case something does go wrong. This is incredibly handy so you’ll want to check if the pool you’re considering includes this.

Size and volume – Be sure you’re getting what you want when you purchase a pool, especially if you’re purchasing it online. The pictures used in advertisements can be deceiving so be sure to look at the dimensions of the pool in terms of width and height. Many also list how much volume they hold too so look for that.

Age Appropriate – Be sure to get a pool that’s appropriate for your child’s age. Many of the ones meant for babies or toddlers are listed as such and are smaller sized. Some of the larger pools are really quite impressive and are meant for older kids.

Price – Most pools are very reasonably priced, particularly if you comparison shop online. Many of the pools I’ve researched are $10 to $30 so they can be an inexpensive way to entertain your kids.

Here are some examples of pools meant for different ages:

Intex Beach Days Snapset Pool – This pool is meant for ages 3+ and measures 5’ in diameter and 10” deep. A good small wading pool.

Intex Recreation Swim Center Family Pool – Another offering from the same brand. This is one is meant for ages 6+ and is a bit larger at 103” by 69” and 22” deep. This one includes a repair patch like we talked about above.

Amazon has a lot of wading pools available. This Link will take you to their selection: Wading Pools.

Just be sure to read the reviews and do your homework before picking one out. A children’s plastic wading pool is great for those hot days when you want to get everyone out of the house!

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