Technology China Rapid Prototyping Provides Opportunities for Innovation

China Rapid Prototyping Provides Opportunities for Innovation


Rapid prototyping refers as a modeling technique that make use of CAD drawing and data to make sample first of a final product. Prototyping technique helps one to speed-up new product development with certain improvement. In this technique, 3D printing and stereo lithography is used to make sample model of a product for analyzing and tooling production. It helps various manufacturers and other professionals by reducing their manpower, material and wastage costs. It helps to analyze and test the products by creating their sample first to ensure that the final product will be error free. The technique is helpful to save waste of labor, cost and time by verifying and inspecting the rationality and appearance through created sample model.

After R & D process, the China rapid prototyping is considered as the initial stage that determines the feasibility of the final product. It is a quick and reliable way to recognize all the possible errors in a product design. One of its major advantages includes that the professionals can test the sample for size, function, appearance and fit.

China Rapid Prototyping Advantages:

Open-up Opportunities for Innovation

One of the major advantages of prototyping is that the professional is free to produce complex product without worrying about accuracy in development. This is the best thing that you cannot get with the conventional prototyping. It takes creativity to the nest highest level.

Save Production Time

This technique reduces time required to create special tools, patterns for the purpose of conventional modeling. You accurate product is instantly available for usability, feature and performance using this technique. So, get your products in market fast and before your competitors.

Cost Savings

There is no need of special tools for every new product within this technique. It reduced both development and material cost effectively. The process works mainly on CAD data and 3D printing due to which it reduces expenses in an effective manner. It also saves labor cost because of its automated nature so there is no need of a large team in a company.

Easy Visualization

Sample designed with 3D data are much better and look realistic that you can easily present in front of your clients and stockholders. Due to which, the production process get approval quickly because everyone can easily involve to understand the appearance and physical properties of the product. You can touch it which makes analyzing process much easier and you can also make important changes as per your desire.

Rapid Prototyping Disadvantages

• User may be confused between the finished equipment and the sample model
• Extended time for prototype production
• Sometimes, fails to replicate the real equipment or system
• No end of revisions and rectifications
• Do not ideal for large scale applications

China Rapid Prototyping Provides Opportunities for Innovation
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