Chirstmas Toys With Sound for Babies On Sale

Why Babies Need Sound

Even before the baby is officially born, a child in the womb can respond to voices, music and even their parent’s voices. It really doesn’t matter what kind of music you play or what type of story you read, what matters is that your baby will hear these things and start to develop and like certain sounds. Their sense of sound really does start before they are born. While it’s important to buy them cute toys out on the market, toys with sound for babies makes sense. What you were doing before they were born like reading a book to them or just chatting and singing makes more sense to continue even later down the road.

Since babies love new and different sounds, you want to give them quite a variety. Mostly so they don’t become bored!

Tiny Love Sweet Island Dreams Mobile

Another adorable thing about some of these mobiles is when the child gets a little bit older, you can remove the mobile part and just use the music box to lull that sweet child to sleep.

Ocean Wonders Deep Sea Mobile

Babies love to hear all kinds of sounds and they especially like to hear singing. But if you can’t be around all the time to sing, then maybe you want one of these Munchkin Nursery Projector and Sound Systems:

Older Babies and Toddlers love sound and touching

Not only can you find christmas toys with sound for babies but the older the infant gets and even into the toddler years their attention span gets a bit longer. That means some board books will keep them happy for more than a few minutes. Baby Einstein board books can be a big hit with your little one or great as a gift.

Neighborhood Animals for 6 mos. plus

Video Games and Musical Instruments for Babies?

You probably think buying a video games for a little one is just too much for that age. But more and more companies are coming out with wonderful technology that will help to make baby’s motor skills more advanced.

I love this drum by Leap Frog. Your child can jump, dance, beat the drum and when the baby taps the letters of the alphabet light up:

Learn and Groove Alphabet Drum

Your child will probably want to be just like mommy or daddy with their very own laptop. This is so adorable but it teaches motor skills early on.

Leapfrog My Own Leaptop

There are so many christmas toys with sound for babies that you can pick and chose what you want to get as a gift for your little one. But sound is so important and even though at times it drives mommies and daddy’s a bit bonkers, the importance of teaching the motor skills to develop and grow is why you will want one of these teaching toys in your little ones christmas stocking.