Chitika revenue sharing websites

Google Adsense is a well known tool to monetize your content. Every publisher wants to have an approved Adsense id in order to make money from his articles or other content. However, it is not an easy task to get an approved Adsense publisher id. Also, if you have an Adsense id, it is possible that it may be disabled in future by Google. Google is very strict in its terms and policies. It can disable your Adsense account for smallest possible reason.

Google’s rude behavior towards small publishers has made them to think about some other ways to monetize their content. Recently, some of the revenue sharing websites have included Chitika as a way to monetize the content. As a result, publishers can now sign up with Chitika to monetize their content. Now, the publishers need not to worry about their Adsense id. They can now start earning with Chitika along with waiting for their Adsense id approval.

Following are some websites which offer revenue sharing through Chitika :


Hubpages is one of the oldest and the best revenue sharing website. The popularity of the website is increasing day by day. Hubpages is known for its quality content. You should post articles that are genuine and don’t have any grammatical mistakes.
The major earnings of the members of Hubpages is through Google Adsense. However, Hubpages also allows its members to use Chitika ads around their content. For this, a member should have an approved Chitika publisher id. Hubpages does not provide any means to get an approved id. If you want to earn through Chitika on Hubpages, you will have to get a Chitika publisher id on your own. Apart from Adsense and Chitika, it also supports Amazon and Ebay ads.
The revenue share that you will get is 60%. Actually, your ads are shown 60% of the times. The rest 40% of the time, Hubpages own Adsense id ads are displayed around your content. For example, if your article got 1000 visits then 600 visits will see your ads while the rest of the 400 visits will see Hubpages ads.


It is another revenue sharing website like Hubpages and is getting popular among various publishers. Infobarrel was not so popular when it was launched. However, from the past two years it has become very popular on the internet. You can get paid to write articles here. The articles published on Infobarrel come in top results on Google. They offer good search engine exposure.
Infobarrel supports Adsense, Chitika and Amazon ads. The revenue share you will get is 75%.
All the articles are checked before approval. So, you can’t spam this site. You have to write original content with no grammatical mistakes.


This is yet another revenue sharing website where you can write your articles to earn revenue. You can also insert some images and videos in your articles to make them more attractive. The revenue share that you will get is 70%. To earn revenue you must have an Adsense publisher id or Chitika publisher id.


It is a new website in the field of revenue sharing. It offers its writers to earn revenue through Adsense and Chitika. It also supports Zazzle, Amazon and other programs. To get an approval for your article, you must fulfill the posting guidelines. Every article must be original and minimum 400 words long. This is done to ensure the quality of the articles published on wizzley. The revenue share that you will get is 50%. The posts on Wizzley are commonly known as “Wizzles”.


Bukisa is also a renowned name in the field of revenue sharing. You will have to write an article of length greater than 250 words. Once your article is published you will start earning through it. For each 1000 visits, Bukisa will pay you around $3.40. You need not to have an Adsense account to start earning. However, you can use your Adsense and Chitika accounts to earn additional revenue.