News Chocolate Fountain Ideas

Chocolate Fountain Ideas


If you’re in need of chocolate fountain ideas this article is here to help you. Maybe you want a chocolate fountain for an important event of celebration, but you’re bored stiff by the usual taste of the chocolate and look of the fountain. Fortunately enough, there are some ways in which you can make the fountain different than usually. If you’ll merge a couple of the ideas that will be mentioned, you’ll surely be able to prepare a unique experience for your guests.

Chocolate fountain ideas

Alter the color of the chocolate

There are quite a few colors of chocolate available. If the party is held in winter you can choose white chocolate as a part of winter themed chocolate fountain. Of course you can choose whichever color you like, as far as it matches the general design of the fountain. You can even start with two different colors of chocolate (of course they shouldn’t be similar) – it should cause a unique effect (until both colors will mix entirely).

Change the taste of the chocolate

Surprise your guest by adding something to the chocolate so it’ll taste differently. If there are no children at the party you can choose to add a little bit of alcohol (e.g. rum). You can experiment with different ingredients on your own. Once you find something that matches the taste of the chocolate perfectly, feel free to introduce your finding to your guests.

Change the looks of the fountain

I’ve mentioned earlier about themed chocolate fountains. Besides color, you can add some visual additions to the fountain. A chocolate fountain topper is just an example. Fountain’s base can be illuminated – that will look amazing, especially when the fountain is placed in a less lighted place. You can also decorate the table. A decorated table, chocolate fountain with some additions and a matching chocolate color make a themed chocolate fountain.

Surprise your guests with dipping items

Let your creativity unleash! When it comes to dippings, there are tons of choices. Maybe instead of the usual dippings you should choose some of the rarely used? Instead of preparing a lot of different kinds of dipping items maybe it’s a good idea to focus on only one kind, like fruits. Dippings can also be a part of themed chocolate fountains. For example you can make your fountain to look like a palm tree (use a topper!), choose white chocolate and prepare only citrus fruits as dipping items. Be creative!

Words of caution

While exploring news chocolate fountain ideas you should remember about the basics. Even if your chocolate fountain looks amazing, you should ensure that the chocolate is also delicious and easily available for all guests. When it comes to dipping items, they shouldn’t crumble and should be cut into bite-sized parts. You should also ensure that there is enough long skewers that are used in the dipping process. Besides skewers, you should provide a couple of spoons that will enable your guests to pour the chocolate on their desserts and ice creams. Of course you should always remember to keep your chocolate fresh and tasty.

As you can see, there are a lot of possibilities when it comes to chocolate fountain ideas, but you should always remember to cover the basics.

Chocolate Fountain Ideas
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