Choose a cat male or female?

Those who wish to acquire a cat should decide to choose between a male or a female. Jets of urine, fugues and “love songs” males are often under-assessed and mitigated against the risk of unwanted litters and disturbance engendered by meowing lascivious females in heat.

The female (who did not menstruate) becomes more affectionate during her heat and willing to cuddle, but it continually emits meowing haunting and plaintive howling alternately heartbreaking. It lasts five to six days every fifteen or thirty days approximately (January to September, but there is no absolute rule).

The male, once sexually mature, may mark his territory by jets of urine all over the house. The smell is pungent, durable, really unbearable, because of that urine conta ins pheromones.

The issue of sterilization of cat

In the case of the female, we may use contraceptives or sterilization . The idea that the cat must put down at least once for health reasons is unfounded, then it is imperative that the couplings are desired and programmed so that little ones can find a family and do not run may increase the battalions of unfortunate stray cats.

The sterilization is of course also for the buck. It is not a cruel act or infirmity which the cat will suffer the contrary, for a cat that has access to the outside, it is almost the only way to save his life, because this is the only way he will renounce take countless risks (cars and other incidents) to follow in the footsteps of a pretty pussy and it will stop marking his territory by throwing urine on furniture or try to run away in search of adventures.

It should be remembered that a cat can cause problems are unpredictable because each individual differs from another. There are in fact adult males who do not define their territory, as well as some females are quiet and silent even during estrus (heats). Males and females are anyway as affectionate as the other, the male may be beautiful and make more effective the female be more elegant and graceful, but both will give as much affection to their master