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Choose and Charge Catalogs, Stores, and Websites

You have many options when it comes to locating choose and charge catalogs, stores, and websites. These shop now pay later sites can help you get the products you need if money is short or you do not have a credit card.

There are many choose and charge shopping stores. Some of the most popular include Ginny’s, Seventh Avenue, Fingerhut, Midnight Velvet, Monroe & Main, Ashro, Through the Country Door, and Grandpointe.

The quality of products from these merchants is stellar, and they offer everything from electronics to clothing, to household goods to direct charge jewelry.

You may also find that merchants like Best Buy, Overstock.com, and Wal-Mart use something called Bill Me Now, which is very similar to shop now pay later.

How choose n charge accounts work

Buy now pay later shopping allows you to get stuff you need and set up on a deferred installment plan, which allows you to pay your bill in monthly installments.

This works similar to a credit card. A choose and charge catalog will offer you a small amount of credit to shop with. If you lack credit history because you are young, this is a good value. You will learn how to become financially responsible and be able to get furniture or cooking appliances that you need.

Each choose and charge company is a little different when it comes to monthly billing. A company such as Seventh Avenue requires a $20 minimum payment monthly, but this may be higher if you order a lot of goods.

Shop now pay plans also have a small finance charge, which helps fund the program. You should read through the terms and conditions before ordering anything, though. This way you will be aware of any fees associated with using the plan.

‘I have bad credit. Will I get a choose and charge account?’

Anything is possible. Choose n charge catalogs will do a soft credit check, but there are shop now pay plan companies that will do a hard pull, which will impact your credit score negatively.

You want to try and avoid dinging your score, so it’s a good idea to read the terms and conditions before signing up with a merchant who does a hard pull.

A company that does a soft pull may extend you an offer if you have bad credit.

choose and charge companies credit report

If you do not make the monthly installments on your choose n charge catalog purchases, you will be reported to the credit bureaus. You want to avoid this.

Most merchants who offer a buy now pay later program do not credit report your good payment history, though. You may be able to send a letter to the merchant and ask if they will send your good payment history to the credit reporting agencies.

If the merchant will do that, you may be able to raise your score.

What usually happens is that a merchant will see you are making your monthly payments and will extend you more credit. The value of this is that items you could not afford before now become in your reach.

Tips for shop now pay plans

It is important that you do not use choose n charge catalogs if you can not afford to make payments. As mentioned, if you don’t pay, you’ll be reported to the credit bureaus.

If money is tight and finances are limited, for the time being, it is wise to save your money and not use choose n charge catalogs, stores, and websites.

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