Choose Right Diamond Drilling Company to Ensure Optimal Performance

Remember, there are many factors or parameters that can considerably impact the performance of diamond drilling machines or equipment. And knowing these parameters to possible detail will help you choose right diamond drilling equipment model for your specific application. This approach will help you get desired efficiency in your diamond drilling and cutting operation. The primary aim of this post is to help you, the readers, learn about some key parameters determining the performance matrix of diamond drilling operation.

It is more like a mathematical equation, where if only one variable goes wrong than it will impact the final value. So, focusing on any one parameter of your diamond drilling operation won’t be of much help. Instead, you will need to make all variables work properly. There are some DIY enthusiasts who attempt to diamond drilling with lack of understanding, and end up making a loss of materials, time and money.

How to select the right diamond drill for your project needs

Selecting right diamond drill specifications isn’t everyone’s job. You can rely to diamond drilling contractors to come to your rescue. However, here are some most important parameters, revealed by a leading diamond drilling manufacturing company of the UK after their years of research, that need to be considered in the selection process of diamond drilling machines.

  • Material parameters like size, density, hardness, shape, abrasiveness, structural composition and particle sizes
  • End user preference such as drilling life, drilling cost, drilling speed, finish quality and tolerances
  • Physical properties of diamond bits in the drilling equipment including type, shape, coating, grit size, grade and hardness
  • Metal bond characteristics, including density, type, concentration, hardness, tensile strength and kerf angle
  • Operation set-up including operating speed, machine type and condition, horse power, coolant and drilling depth

These all variables will decide the overall performance of your diamond drilling application.

Finding the right Diamond drilling company in Kent & London

Determining the right mounting method, setting correct RPM and selecting right diamond drilling equipment demand years of practical experience, skills and knowledge. A certified and experienced Diamond Drilling Company Kent & London thrive great expertise in diverse applications of diamond drilling equipment across various industries such as construction and mining. Such professional diamond drilling companies can help you,

  • Reduce chipping
  • Speed up production
  • Cut down on material wastage
  • Enhance the quality of surface finish
  • Increase service life span of diamond drills
  • Help keep the real microstructure of the material intact
  • Prevent deformation of the material
  • Lower overall drilling cost by increased productivity and improved process consistency

In the light of discussion, it is vital to match diamond drill properties with material properties. Besides, this drills are quite expensive. But if don’t want to make such huge investment for your project, hire a diamond drilling company who can help you buy a diamond drill at best rentals and also ensure on-site technical assistance. Do you have a drilling project at hand? Resort to web or word of mouth to shortlist a few best diamond drilling companies in Kent and London. Know what all services they offer, their experience and expertise into the niche.