Choose the Best Ukulele Strings for a Better Sound

When getting a first ukulele, beginners realize how bad the quality of their strings are. If not, they should buy one of the famous ukulele strings brand and change the strings of their instrument. Not only the sound will be better, the feeling on the fingers are also not to be neglected.

Indeed, some of the cheapest ukulele come with strings that are just installed to make it look fine but are not the finest ones people can find for their musical instrument. Plus, for accomplished players, it is recommended to change the strings regularly but in practice, people wait until they wear out before doing so.

The most famous brands are : Worth, Aquila and D’Addario. When thinking about restringing a ukulele, people are often confused about how to find the best ones.

The first thing to know is the size of the ukulele. Each ukulele sizes has a set of specific string size available. You cannot put tenor strings on a ukulele otherwise the tension would not be the appropriate one. Because of the difference in neck length and also the string diameter, the notes would not be the same.

After selecting the size of your ukulele, the second parameter you should consider is the kind of tuning that you want. The standard tuning for the ukulele is what people call re-entrant tuning or high G. It is the GCEA tuning with the G higher than the C. There is also a low G tuning that is commonly referred to as gCEA and is used by many players as a way to expand the range of the ukulele.

There are other tuning like the D-tuning ADF#B. Another variation of this D-tuning is the Canadian ADF#A with the first A lower than the D. It corresponds to the low G in the standard tuning.

For beginners, it is recommended to stick to the G-tuning except if the songs you play are set in another tuning. In that case, you should choose the one that you play with the most.

Finally, to pick one of the brands between the 3 most used ones in the ukulele community depends on the ukulele you have. The best option would be to try all of them before choosing. But most of the time, you will have to order your strings online because ukulele strings are hard to find in shops.

For ukulele Flea, the best strings are the Aquila Nylgut. They project the sound better and will not damage the plastic fretboard. Worth strings are known to wear the plastic faster.

For a Koaloha, Worth clear or brown strings work really well. The D’addario and Aquila are also very good on wooden ukulele. Since all the ukulele are different because of the wood used or the design, the ukulele strings will sound differently but these ones are definitely all good to buy.