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Choose the right upholstery for your furniture

Furniture plays an important role in complementing interiors at any space, whether domestic or commercial. But a piece of furniture has no significance unless upholstered with suitable cushions and fabric covers. You can have your furniture adorned in different ways. There are various types of cushions and upholstery available in the market, which are sure to accentuate your furniture setting. Read on to know the types of cushions and covers you can use to upholster your furniture.

Leather Upholstery

Leather upholstery has been into trend many generations ago. It’s an insignia of rich lifestyle and refined taste. You can purchase leather upholstery for any furniture in any size. As we all know, it is a little difficult to recognize the purity of leather; therefore, it is advised to purchase upholstery from a renowned supplier only. Also, you may have to shed an extravagant price for leather upholstery –if you are ready to compromise on price, leather is a thing for you.

Synthetic Upholstery

Synthetic upholstery is commonly being used these days. It appears as a cheaper substitute for leather and can be purchased without having to worry about the genuineness; quality matters though. As compared to leather, synthetic upholstery starts to lose its charm earlier than expected. Further, it might get torn apart when struck with a pointed object. The bottom line: when buying synthetic upholstery, you may have to compromise on quality.

Fabric Upholstery

Fabric upholstery stands midway of quality and price, when compared to leather and synthetic upholstery. Fabric upholstery can be of any fabric, say cotton, jute, wool, etc. You get an extensive range of colors and designs to choose from and what not. The pricing of fabric upholstery is set according to the quality, which, usually, is quite fair. Fabric upholstery is simple, elegant and less of pretentious. Also, it offers liberty to perform embroidery on it, which is not commendable on leather or synthetic upholsteries.

What upholstery to choose?

After reading the advantages and drawbacks for each type of upholstery, one can decide on the type of upholstery to be purchased. It’s all about the application and the preference that leads to the purchase of upholstery. For instance, if you are planning to buy upholstery for your commercial furniture, then leather or synthetic upholstery will serve the purpose at its best. But if you want to upholster the furniture at your home, then you have got a strong reason to consider comfort; thus, fabric upholstery. Moreover, if you are looking for a variety in colors and designs about the upholstery and cushions, then, again, fabric upholstery is recommended.

Where to buy upholstery, at reasonable prices?

The prices for each type of upholstery may vary with the supplier. So, it is suggested to first compare the prices quoted by various suppliers and purchase accordingly. There are manufacturers cum suppliers that deal in wholesale upholstery. You may consider sparing a visit at their store when looking forward to buying upholstery in bulk; the most lucrative deal is guaranteed in this regard.


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