Choosing a Business Domain Name and Web Hosting

Choosing a business domain name and web hosting is the first step in order to setup your business website, and one that you should make sure to get right. A silly or badly chosen domain name can give your potential clients the wrong impression, as does a website that doesn’t work properly because the hosting selected is not up to the task. When faced with choosing a business domain name and web hosting consider the following:

Choosing A Business Domain Name

Your domain name will be the unique name of your website on the Internet, and the address people will type on their navigation bar to visit your site. As such it’s important to choose something that closely represents your business name, products or services, but at the same time it’s easy to spell out and remember. Most businesses register their own business name as a domain, often using several TLD such as .com, or .org to make sure that cyber squatters don’t steal them.

It is generally accepted that domain names are an important factor for SEO, which means that domain names that actually contain keywords can be useful for your SEO strategy. However, most short domains targeting popular keywords are already registered, and most companies sell several types of items and focusing on a single keyword for SEO is often not so effective, unless it’s the name of your flagship product, for example. While domain names such as may work for some quick money making schemes such as niche sites, you may prefer to register a domain name closely associated with your brand and focus your SEO strategy on great content and links.

Before registering your domain name try it out by spelling it to somebody on the phone, preferably on a noisy environment. If the person can actually write it down correctly you’re one step ahead of competitor’s with domain names that are easily misunderstood on the phone or during noisy business events with lots of background chatting.

Choosing Business Web Hosting

If a domain name is your address on the Internet, your hosting is your virtual office space or store. Selling or reselling web hosting is a blooming business and there are millions of providers offering to give your website a home, for a price. The variety of business web hosting plans is also overwhelming, so choosing the right business web hosting can be a bit of an ordeal the first time. So avoid it by asking your friends, family or even clients if they are particularly satisfied with a web hosting, and check those referred to you first before opening Google to search for web hosting for business.

Choose a plan that is suited to your business needs, but make sure you don’t sign a long term contract that you cannot change when necessary if your business needs change or the hosting doesn’t prove satisfactory. If you are running a business that requires multiple websites, such as making money with WordPress sites or offering web development services to your clients, consider choosing a high quality reseller account as it’s often much cheaper than paying for individual hosting accounts.

Domain registering and web hosting go often hand in hand. Many hosting providers also offer free domain name registrations and cheaper introductory rates to first time customers, but keep in mind that you absolutely don’t need to register your domain name with the same service provider that provides you with hosting. In fact, doing the opposite can save you problems when you want to leave an underperforming hosting that is also holding your domain hostage. Always keep a back-up copy of your website and your data, so if your hosting account is ever compromised you can restore your website to a working status on the same or a different hosting provider.

Changing your domain name once your website is established can represent a lot of lost effort in terms of links pointing to the old domain, and the wrong hosting can mean unnecessary expenses or long periods of downtime unless you find a better alternative. For both of these reasons, it’s important to take time to consider the long term consequences or benefits of your decision when choosing a business domain name and web hosting.