Choosing a Designer RV Shower Faucet that Compliments Your Bathroom

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With people investing money to make their homes more and more beautiful and modern, the need to have a well-designed and equipped bathing area is also increasing. Today there are a wide variety of shower faucets that homeowners can chose for their bath. Selecting a designer RV shower faucet not only adds to the functionality of the bathroom, but also makes it more attractive.

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Choosing a Designer RV Shower Faucet that Compliments Your Bathroom, Seekyt

Furthermore, you might be looking to redesign your bathroom and wish to replace the current shower faucet with a designer one. To do this you no longer require an expensive plumber to get the job done – you can easily do it yourself. Replacing the faucet yourself help you save some money and also teaches you something interesting.

Choosing the Right Faucet

If you are only willing to change a faulty faucet, then it’s better to go for the one that is somewhat similar in style to the current one. On the other hand, if you are redoing the entire bath area then you can select a stylish designer faucet.

Keep in mind that going with a faucet which is completely different in size or style to the previous one, might lead to run extra lines to the shower. In other words, a similar faucet allows easy fitting with the existing plumbing lines.

Removing the Old

Removing the old plumbing items isn’t too difficult, it just requires little attention. Look for an access panel located in the shower, in order to remove the complete fixture from the wall. This will even give you a chance to have a look at the plumbing lines for corrosion, if you found any get it replaced; else continue with installing the new faucet. Make sure you have turned off the water supply to the shower line, else you will get drenched in water once you open the faucet.

Installing the New

With the old one out of the way, it is time to install the new stylish faucet. Keep it in the same spot where the old one was installed to line up the holes and check for fitting. Once sure about the fitting attach it with nuts and bolts, which came with the faucet packing. Follow the steps mentioned in the packing and you will be able to install it correct. Turn on the water supply to check for any leakage and water flow.

Finally, you have installed a new designer RV shower faucet yourself, saved some money and learned something new.

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Choosing a Designer RV Shower Faucet that Compliments Your Bathroom, Seekyt
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