Choosing a Domain Name for WordPress Webite

The first step in setting any WordPress site is choosing a domain name. Choosing a domain name is Like Getting address For your for your website.

A few well known examples of Exellent domain names are:

Before setting up a website you are going to need to purchase a domain name. This involves buying the unique domain name through a domain name registrar. The other alternative is to use a free sub-domain instead of purchasing your own unique domain name. Typically when you are provided with a free domain name it will be a sub-domain under the main websites domain name.
The only real advantage to a free sub domain is that it is free. However it also has a number of serious disadvantages and so should only be considered if the website is going to be used for hobby purposes such as a personal blog.

Why to Register a Domain Name?

So if using a free sub-domain is typically not the best approach for most WordPress sites, why should you then register a domain name? Here are some of the main advantages to having your own domain name.

• Professionalism Having your own domain name looks much more professional than using a free sub-domain name. Your own domain name demonstrates that you are serious about your business and your website and that you are not going to disappear overnight.

• Stops Other From Using It If you do not register your own unique domain name your competitors could later register it for themselves and there would be nothing you could do to stop them.

• Easier to Find If you have searched for sites like Google or Amazon then you know that often you will type those domain names into the address bar of your browser. However if you are using a sub domain chances are people are not going to be able to find your website by directly typing it in.

• Flexibility If you later want to change your hosting service it is relatively easy if you have your own domain name. However if your WordPress site is on a sub domain you are basically stuck on that same hosting service.

• Control Typically with sub-domains there will be limits to what you can do with your site. This can include restrictions on what kind of content you can publish or not being allowed to have advertising. With your own domain name with your own hosting you can do whatever you choose to on your site.

• You Can Sell The Site WordPress sites that get a lot of traffic or produce an income can later be resold, sometimes for a very good price. But in order to do so you must have your own unique domain name. By using a free sub-domain name you may save yourself $10 on the domain name but if the site is successful it could end up costing you thousands of dollars in lost potential sales price.

Choosing Your Domain Name Extension:

In the examples of domain names we mentioned above each of them ended with a .com. However you have probably seen domain names with a .net such as or an .org such as The .com, .org and .net are all known as top level domain name extensions. There are other top level domain names such as info, .biz, .me and .mobi but in general the .com, .org. and .net are the most common.

If possible when selecting your domain name try and make sure that ends with one of these top level domain names extensions. These domain names look more professional in the eyes of visitors. While Google and other search engines state that all domain name extensions are treated equally, the vast majority of top ranked domain names use either .com, .net or .org as an extension, so it is probably safer to stick with these.

Finally you should be aware that if you want to make sure that someone else does not choose the same domain name as you but with a different extension you will need to purchase the other domain name extensions as well. When you are first setting up your site this step is probably not essential. However if you manage to develop a popular WordPress site and wish to protect the brand then buying the other extensions may be a wise precautionary measure

Choosing Your Domain Name:

Choosing the right domain name can make a significant difference as to the success that you have with your website. Also it’s relatively that difficult to change your domain name at a later date because your visitors will identify you with that particular domain name. As such it is important to put some thought into what domain name you select for your business. Here are some tips for selecting your domain name:

• Easy to Spell It is important that your domain name is relatively easy to spell and that it is spelt the same way it is pronounced. If you tell someone your domain name verbally you want to be sure that they will be easily able to type that domain name into the address bar and find it.

• Relevant For most WordPress sites it is best if you domain name matches the content. For example the site is about blogging and is about body building. People who see those domain names are instantly able to identify what the site is about. These sites also tend to be easier to rank more easily in the search engines for the terms that you are targeting. There are exceptions of course such as which has created a brand around the domain name but choosing a relevant domain name will be for most sites the best approach.

• Short Generally you want to keep your domain name as short as possible. Shorter domain names are easy to remember and easier for people to type in.

• Avoid Hyphens (-) When people cannot find the domain name that they are looking for they will often choose the hyphenated version instead. However this should be avoided if possible because people will usually be unaware that they need to use the – when typing your URL address.