Choosing a Good Username for Your Online Account

It doesn’t matter whether you’re reading this before or after you’ve registered on Seekyt because old members have the option to change their username and new members can choose a good username at the very beginning of setting up their Seekyt account. There are a few things to consider about what makes the right username for your online account on a revenue sharing site such as this one. Your username is very important if you want to brand yourself as an online article writer.


In dictionaries, username is defined as the name used to gain access to a computer system or in our case, to an online account set up on a revenue sharing site such as Seekyt. Yet, username in online communities is much more than that – it’s a mark of persona. You must have heard of some famous bloggers and article writers by their username and you probably associate their username to the quality of their content and SEO knowledge.

Usernames are a major attribute of different kinds of internet interaction. In a writing community such as Seekyt, they are unique indentifiers; therefore, if someone chooses a username which already belongs to another member, the username will have to be modified.

A username may consist of:

  • one word (e.g. Jasmine, Smiley, etc.)
  • two-element compounds (Blue Star, singleparent, etc.)
  • or longer word-strings (Brown-Eyed Girl, Three Little Birds).

People rarely use their real names, but here on Seekyt you’ll notice that even if people have usernames different from their real names, soon enough comments get a more personalized or familiar note because members often address one another with a personal (real) name.

Usernames such as ndf78 or Go1234 are probably not the best choices for an account associated to a profile of an article writer. After a while, your username will become a synonym for the quality of your content and online behavior.

Tips to Use the Right Username for Your Seekyt Account

  • Topic Name

If you choose a topic name such as English Teacher, you have to be sure you want to write about that topic and related sub-topics. If an English Teacher starts publishing articles on plumbing and finances, people may take him less seriously, don’t you think? Many online writers start thinking they will write about one topic only, but later simply get an interest in other subjects. Therefore, a specific topic name may not be the best choice for everybody.

On the other hand, if you are positive you want to write about a certain topic and you are self-confident that you can produce hundreds of articles on the topic, go for it. In this case, choosing a specific topic name may actually be the best choice.

  • Real name

If you want, you can use your real name (first name or both your first and last name). I believe that it’s a great idea to build a brand around your name, but this depends on the type of content you plan to write and publish. A strong advantage of using your real name is that readers feel confident when the read articles, journals and comments with a real name and face associated to them. Also, Google pays attention to author credibility and this is especially visible in the user experience associated to your account (and username). If you want to establish yourself as an authority writer and be recognized as one in the eyes of Google and online users, choosing your real name or pen name would be a good choice.

  • Online Pseudonym or Pen Name

If you are one of those people who prefer to be anonymous, choosing an online pseudonym or pen name as your username may be the best way to conceal your real identity. Having this type of username helps you to control the revelation of personal information. Pseudonym literally means a false name, but sometimes it’s the best option. Famous actors, singers and other celebrities use a type of pseudonym (stage name) too, for example, to mask their ethnic background. People often have prejudice about other people based on their name and background so it may be amusing to prove them wrong with simply using a writer’s pen name or pseudonym. It’s recommendable to use one online pseudonym on different web sites and also, the same avatar.

A pen name is a pseudonym adopted by writers like, for example, Mark Twain (real name: Samuel Clemens), Lewis Carroll – author of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (real name: Charles Dodgson, mathematician by profession), and J.K.Rowling (real name: Joanne Jo Rowling).

Your Account on Seekyt

You can update your basic account setting on your Account page, including the username update.

Username Quotes to Spice Up The Thought

Huh? When it comes to security, obfuscation simply means picking obscure usernames.

(Doug Lowe)

Pick a username you can live with for a while; it’s going to be a strong part of your personal brand. (Waldman)

But whatever username you pick for yourself, make sure it’s one you can stand being called by both the system and other users.

(Michael Stutz)

If you pick a random username, you leave a valuable advantage on the table.

(Joel Comm & Anthony Robbins)

Your username, or handle, is your identity.