Choosing A Soft Case Or Hard Case For A Ukulele

One of the most useful accessories for a ukulele after getting a tuner is the case that carries the instrument. It is made to protect the ukulele when traveling or just storing it somewhere. There are different choices available from a soft case to a hard one.

Without a Case

If you do not get a case for your instrument, chances are that you will scratch it or damage it in some way if people are not careful. If you plan to let your ukulele in your house, you may not need a case to protect it. Maybe it will sit on a desk or a table that no one uses and that is fine if you dust it from time to time. It is also possible to put it on a shelf or a stand.
Some people hang them on the wall. It has a decorative purpose and a protective one because except if you play with a ball inside your living room, it is safe. The problem comes when you want to transport your instrument somewhere. Bumping it into a door or an obstacle is very likely so it would be cheaper to get a case than to repair the ukulele or in some case buying a new one.

Simple and Light As a Soft Case

A soft case is usually the cheapest option when you need to protect an instrument. It is light and has straps to carry the bag on your shoulders. It is very convenient. Small bump into a wall is ok because of the padding that should protect from scratches and small hits.
There is still a risk of crushing the 4-string instrument though. This kind of gig bag is recommended for day trips. As long as there will not be any dangerous activities around you, this is a very good option.

Sturdy As a Hard Case

This is the case that should be used for long trips and also the most expensive ukulele. A hard case is very sturdy and solid and can take a hit without damaging the ukulele. This is probably the best option for people who need to travel a lot and cannot afford to drop their instrument. For example, Jake Shimabukuro uses a custom made hard case for his Kamaka ukulele.

Light and Sturdy As a Semi-Hard Case

These new semi-hard case have the advantages of both previous cases. They are very good to protect a ukulele because of the reinforced padding and they are convenient to carry around thanks to the straps and handles. Plus, you will not have to worry about hitting someone in the face with a hard case when storing it in the compartment above your head in a train or a plane.

When buying a ukulele, I would recommend you to purchase a case for the instrument. With a tuner and some strings, a protection bag is probably one of the most important accessory of a ukulele player. If a hard case or a semi-hard case are too expensive for your budget, invest in a soft bag at first and wait to save more money until getting a better case. Protecting the instrument will save a lot of money and you will avoid stressing about scratches or dents in the wood.