Choosing a Wedding Photographer in Hawaii

Your wedding will likely be one of the most important days of your life and you only get one shot at the pictures. Choosing the right wedding photographer will make the difference between having the pictures that you will love showing off to your friends or lamenting that you didn’t look into the photographer a little more. How do you choose the best Hawaiian wedding photographer? What do you need to look for and what questions do you need to ask? Great questions, let’s look into these.

While it takes a great deal of skill to be able to get those great shots! It’s even harder when you are taking the shots in an outdoor location instead of a studio where you control the light and back grounds. Making this a little more difficult is if you are choosing Hawaii as a destination wedding location, you likely won’t get to actually meet the photographer face to face until just a few days before the wedding. For this reason any people will hire a skilled Hawaiian wedding planner who knows the local talent, has seen their work, and knows the best location to take the pictures.

Choosing a wedding Photographer

First thing is to get samples of the photographers work. If he doesn’t have a large portfolio of wedding pictures to show you, you might careful consider if you really want to be his practice pictures.

1) Check the style of his work. Is he comfortable with the style of pictures you want to take (fun, elegant, sexy etc). Remember that he is going t be the one guiding you into the various poses. Just because he is good with one style of pictures doesn’t mean that he is good with all of them

2) Is he familiar with the location that you want to take the pictures at. What time of day will be best? Is it usually rainy, windy or overly crowded in that location the time of year you are planning the wedding. An experienced photographer will have his own favorite locations, places where he has been able to get some great shots in the past and is confident he will be able to continue to perform.

3) Do you like the guy? Strange question? Remember that you will need to be happy and be having a fun, comfortable experience, which will show in the quality of the photos. If you are annoyed or uncomfortable with the person, likewise that is going to show in the pictures.

4) Is the price fair? This can be a little tougher. One way to figure this out is to decide on a package and shop around. Some photographers are pretty cheap for the photography but hold the rights to the pictures and charge large amounts for the prints. Find out what you will be getting. Do you get a CD of all the pictures so you can print them yourself? Does that price include touching up any of the pictures? If not, what is the price if you find a shot you love but a couple things need to be touched up? You would be surprised what someone skilled with editing software can do to a picture.

5) Do you also want a wedding video? Somewhere down the line it’s kind of cool to be able to relive the wedding by checking out a video. Some photographers will use two to three cameras to take video from different perspectives and spice the video for you.

Hawaiian Wedding Packages

Many Hawaiian wedding packages include wedding pictures or videos. That leaves it up to someone with years of experience to find the best photographer at the best price. When the wedding planner’s reputation is at stake you can be sure that he or she will be choosing the best and will not use people that are untried or inexperienced.

Take you time to carefully choose a wedding photographer or videographer. The results will last a lifetime!