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Choosing a New Doctor


My doctor died.

This isn’t a joke.

I’d been going to him forever, and I trusted him.

Oh, I once was unfaithful, tried an uptown Name Brand Physician who sent me for every test known to science.

When my bank balance was hovering around zero and I couldn’t afford anymore tests she shrugged, said; “It is probably stress.”

I did not charge for murder.

I went back to ‘One Touch’ as I called my first doctor.  To describe him, watch House.  He had just as much ‘bed side manner’,  and as House was spot on all the time.

Very often he could suggest a ‘home remedy’ which worked.   He could give advice on various topics and explain things.

Then he died.

So here I am, without a doctor.   Here I am at square one, needing a doctor I could talk to.  Someone I  could  sort of know.  A doctor who wouldn’t just send me for tests to rule out all sorts of possibilities to make it seem work was being done.   I didn’t want a Doctor who didn’t know what was wrong with me and wasn’t interested in anything but the bank balance.

I wanted a doctor who asked the right questions.  Who understood the answers.

Accidentally, it came to light that I happened to know someone who turned out to be a doctor.

She, as I, wasn’t doing the Great I Am, so that everyone would know who and what and where and when in a “Look At Me!” presentation.  I know her as a quiet, unassuming woman.

I spoke to her, then made an appointment.

I was on time, and everything flowed.  I was treated like someone, I was given all the right tests.  I left feeling as if I’d been.

That’s the point.

When you go to a professional, whether a doctor or a lawyer or accountant, when you leave, you have to feel as if you’ve been.  You have to feel that you got the service you needed or wanted.

It’s like eating a meal. You are supposed to finish it and feel full, not go home and open the fridge.

Too many people go to a ‘doctor’.  No name, just ‘Doctor’. They go. They state their problem, maybe are asked one or two questions, take the tests, maybe get the medication, maybe not, but don’t feel that someone ‘has them’.

They don’t feel that they’ve really made contact and can trust that Doctor who dealt with them as a number.

That means they don’t feel as if they’ve been.

You’ve got to find a professional who makes you feel that you matter. That there is an interest, a competence, and that knowledge is being employed on your behalf.

A professional who remembers you, and can connect the dots.  A real professional who asks questions about experiences you didn’t think were important.

I mourn ‘One Touch’.   But I feel, in time, my new Doctor will learn me and know me and I can trust her, and that she won’t send me for expensive and pointless tests so she can do the old ‘revenue sharing’ thing which seems so popular.

Choosing a New Doctor
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