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Choosing Testing As A Career

One of the most important decisions in life people have to make is to choose a satisfying career path for themselves. Aptitude and Interest are the only two factors that can help one make the right decision. Therefore, self-assessment is very critical. No one else can or should make that decision for you!

The IT industry is evolving rapidly attracting many young minds to this particular field. Software testing has emerged as a specialized discipline in itself but then there are many myths attached to it.

  • Testing is simple and straight forward, just follow the best practices.
  • QA and its related activities are mere cost burden on the organization.
  • Testing is not creative.

The above mentioned myths usually confuse people while choosing “testing” as a profession but ground reality is quite different. In fact if we do compare it development, testing is more challenging than anyone can think of it to be. It is challenging because a tester gets to look at software from all different angles: from a critical as well as an analytical point of view.

Simple and straight forward profession

Software testing is done so that the application quality is improved. It is not just about verification and validation. Testers deliberately make things go wrong in order to gauge the effect it will have on an App or a program in case it crashes down. Not everyone can become a good tester. You need to possess certain skill sets in order to deliver to your clients. Domain knowledge is very important. One must have a thorough understanding of the project they are handling be it Banking software, Desktop publishing software or any other program. It’s like playing tennis; not everyone can be Sampras or Federer for that matter. You need to have a good backhand and forehand not to mention a strong service too.

QA and its related activities are mere cost burden on the organization

Some people might still ask as to why is it important to have a tester in an organization, the following examples might be helpful in clarifying the misconceptions of those people:

  • A new U.S government-run credit card complaint handling system was not working correctly according to August 2011 news reports.
  • News reports in Asia in July of 2011 reported that software bugs in a national computerized testing and grading system resulted in incorrect test results for tens of thousands of high school students. The national education ministry had to reissue grade reports to nearly 2 million students nationwide.
  • A smart phone online banking application was reported in July 2010 to have a security bug affecting more than 100,000 customers.

These are just a few examples to show that these activities are not a burden on an organization but actually help save millions!

Is testing not creative?

Testers lead the development team to put together a meaningful plan-understand the business needs, test the logical paths as well as some optional and failure paths.

On the other hand the word “creative” might have different meanings for each individual. In my opinion your job is only as creative as YOU make it. Software testing can be very creative, one gets to play detective as one has to find even the minutest errors and then devise ways to get rid of it. It is only a matter of perception.

At the end of the day software testing can be a very rewarding career option as it gives you a sense of satisfaction that you are providing quality to your customers. Providing quality software that is bug free makes one feel good and proud since it will not cause any inconvenience to the user.

Kualitatem is an award winning software testing company. They are the partner of IBM, HP, Symantec etc.


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