Choosing the best broadband deal

When you’re looking at a broadband deal it can be easy to get drawn in by all the fancy looking offers, all the freebies and the promised high speeds! Many of us pay far too much for our broadband packages as we choose one that we think is right for us without actually knowing for certain it is. In this article I’m going to provide some useful tips for getting the best broadband deal you can and making sure you don’t pay more than you should. Following these tips will mean you save money but you won’t end up having to sacrifice the internet you need!

Understand your usage

How much you use the internet is the most important thing to consider if you want to choose the best broadband deal. While it’s nice to have unlimited or high downloads the majority of internet users in this country won’t actually use anywhere near these amounts. If you just use the internet to check Facebook, browse and send emails then you need very little in terms of a download limit a month. If you use the internet daily for a few hours and occasionally stream TV or video then you’ll need a medium package of up to around 20GB downloads. Only people who download regularly, stream regularly and play online video games extensively actually need unlimited downloads. So work out roughly what you are using each month and stick to a broadband deal that is only a little over what you need.

Understand your top speeds

In the UK over 70% of people are paying for internet speeds they absolutely cannot receive and there has been a huge backlash against speeds being offered of “up to x, y or z”. Unless you live in the city it’s still unlikely you can get anything above 15MB and even this is a stretch for most areas. Before thinking about getting a new broadband deal you should use a broadband speed test to see what you are actually receving. While these speed tests aren’t 100% accurate you aren’t’ going to receive more than 5MB/s more than what you see as your results. It’s easy to get drawn in by great speeds but until we actually roll out fibre optic broadband across the country you won’t actually get it – so don’t pay for it!

Don’t get carried away with deals!

Every broadband provider does their utmost to get us to join them by offering us a range of “deals” and “packages” that cover everything from free video games consoles to TV and phones. There are two key problems with these deals though; firstly many are only available with higher end packages that will exceed your top speed and your usage needs and 2; many deals seem great but will leave you with things you don’t actually use or need but are still paying for. Examples of this include free gifts and TV deals where you have hundreds of channels you won’t actually watch. It’s often easier to just avoid bundles or to get a package that provides only what you really want and need like a home phon or a few TV channels.