Choosing the Best Business Laptops for 2012

The Best Business Laptops for 2012

In choosing the best business laptops for 2012, what are some of the options you can consider? Technically speaking, with various technological products out in the market, there are some standards to be considered in opting for business laptops. As you can observe, most corporate jobs rely on technology. Thus, laptops are essential in order to effectively finish day to day workloads or activities. With that, one should not only base it according to the price. PC features and specifications are also imperative when purchasing laptops. So, how should you choose the best business laptop from a long list of laptops available today?

Specifications and features to consider

When purchasing laptops for corporate use, one should opt for a model that is designed for that purpose. Although, most consumer model laptops are multi-functional, there are still some factors that make business laptops ideal. With that being said, here are some factors to consider when purchasing the best business laptops for 2012.

  • Systems and processors – One of the most important factors to consider are its system and processor. A dual-core processor is already good for business purposes. It can efficiently run office applications and your everyday workloads. Having a high sized RAM on the other hand is necessary if you want every application to run swiftly and smoothly. 4GB RAM is ideal especially if you’re opening 10 or more tabs while using internet explorer, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. A high hard drive memory also plays an important role since you’ll be saving hundreds of documents, applications and multimedia files.
  • Battery life – Another important factor is the laptop’s battery life. Since you’re going to use it at work, it is ideal to purchase a laptop that has a high capacity battery. One which can last for 8 hours in a single charge if highly recommended.
  • Connectivity – In terms of connectivity, Wi-Fi access is not the only thing to consider. USB ports and VGA ports is also imperative. VGA port is where you can connect projectors necessary during presentations and meetings.
  • Design – Last but not the least is the design. Although the physical appearance is not much of a big deal, its size and weight is very important. Ideally, a lightweight, slim and portable laptop is best for transport.

2012’s best business laptops

According to various reviews made by both consumers and critiques, this year’s best business laptops are the following:

  • HP Envy 17 – Priced at $1,499.99, the HP Envy 17 is known for its numerous features such as high HD resolution, powerful performance and corporate designs. Aside from that, its battery life is 7 hours. The only downside is its 7 lbs weight and large dimensions.
  • Sony S Series – Next is the Sony S Series sold at $950. For its price, it offers a sleek design, portability, sufficient battery life and extensive features. The drawback is its hard drive memory which is only 320 GB.
  • Dell XPS 15z – Last is the Dell XPS 15z. For a price of $1,148.99; you get a 6GB RAM, hard drive memory of 720GB, fast processor, slim dimensions and an 8 hours battery life. One problem is its 5.54 lbs weight. Other than that, it is one of the best business laptops for 2012.