Choosing the Best Cheap Igloo Chest Freezers Online – Review

Cheap Igloo chest freezers are one of the best ways you can invest a little bit of money now and save in the long run. Perhaps you already have a combined fridge and freezer and are unsure of why a chest freezer is worth the outlay. It is true that this is one of those investments that really shows it’s benefits to people that have owned one for a while. This article will share why you should invest in a chest freezer, what you need to think about before buying one and how you can get a freezer for the cheapest price possible.

More Storage Equals More Savings

You probably already know that having more storage space in your new chest freezer is going to be a nice addition for conveniences sake. However, having extra storage space can actually help save you money long-term. Next time you go shopping keep an eye out for items on sale for a very cheap price and foods that have a bulk discount. Most of these foods are discounted because they are going to expire soon. You can only usually buy a few of these and save a little bit of money for the immediate future. With the extra storage space handy you can buy enough for six months and stock the bottom of your chest freezer with the heavily discounted foods.

Chest Freezers Can Be Bought For Cheap

Individually, chest freezers are much cheaper than upright freezers or combined fridge freezers. You can then go ahead and save even more by buying them from refurbishment centers or scratch and dent outlets.

Chest Freezers Cost Less In Running Costs

Whenever you open the door on an upright freezer a lot of cold air comes tumbling out, you can probably even feel it rushing past you on a cold day. This is because cold air falls as hot air rises. Chest freezers reign supreme in this regard as the cold air will stay at the lowest point; inside the freezer. Almost no cold air is lost when you open a chest freezer. But what does this actually mean? Every time cold air is lost the freezer’s compressor must kick in to cool the air again. The more this happens the more money you are going to have to pay on your next electricity bill.

Why Igloo Specifically?

Whenever you make a long-term investment it is a good idea to make the safest one possible. Igloo is a well-established brand in this type of appliance and it’s machines have a long history of quality. You are making the safest investment possible by buying an Igloo brand chest freezer.

The Best Places to Look to Find a Cheap Igloo Chest Freezer

By far the best place to look for a cheap igloo chest freezer is a factory seconds retailer. Factory second chest freezers are models that have some sort of small defect or cosmetic issue that prevents them from being sold on a showroom floor. Usually these models have nothing wrong with them in regards to operation but they can be bought for much cheaper than the original retail price. This i s great way to get an essentially new appliance for a used appliance’s price.

Your second best option is to go for a used or repaired model. The benefit of repaired models is that they have been fully inspected and have a new warranty applied to them, covering them for any further faults in the near future. The only drawback is that you may be getting a slightly older model and it may have some cosmetic wear and tear. You can, however, get these chest freezers for cheap saving you a ton on your initial investment outlay.

Your final option is to simply buy new from the retailers or the manufacturers. If you can, the manufacturers are the better option as they will be somewhat cheaper but the difference may be minimal if you can buy from a retailer during a sale period.

What’s Not to Love About a Chest Freezer?

The truth is that chest freezers do have one drawback that may be a big or small deal depending on your needs. They are less convenient and easy to use then upright models because you have to lean into them to get to the lower sections. This can be a more serious issue if you have physical limitations. If it is mainly a problem of convenience, however, you can mitigate this somewhat with careful arrangement of your frozen goods. Keeping lesser used foods at the bottom and commonly used ones at the top and in the baskets is they best way to go about this.

One More Things to Consider

If you plan on storing foods that you do not want to dry out then you will need to make sure that you only look at models that have a manual defrost option over an automatic one. This is mainly because automatic defrost cycles can cause things like meat to dry out and can also cause spoilage over longer periods of time. The best thing you can do is to move the meats to another freezer and do a manual defrost cycle. So make sure you consider this before committing to a cheap Igloo chest freezer.