Choosing the Best Coffee Travel Mugs

Travel Mugs Make Life Easier

Remember the days before coffee travel mugs? When you used to balance your hot beverage on your lap, or the car dashboard? It was always a recipe for disaster. It was usually never a case of ‘if’, but ‘when’.

Today’s wide variety of well engineered travel mugs eliminate those types of problems, plus keep your beverage hot or cold for extended periods of time, depending on the material composition of the mug.

Travel Coffee MugWhat exactly is a coffee travel mug? Introduced in the 1980s, the travel mug is designed with some type of thermal insulation to keep a beverage at a preferred temperature. A secure lid keeps the beverage from spilling, and specially designed drinking portals keep portions carefully measured. Some are weighted in their bottoms to avoid tipping, and there are some travel mugs that have a mechanism built – in so that even when the mug tips over, nothing is spilled.

How are mugs insulated? Many cups use technologies discovered or perfected by the Thermos company, which was founded in 1904. ‘Thermos’ is one of those terms in our language whereby a specific brand name is so prevalent in usage that it has come to be the generic term to describe all products in that category (other examples are Sellotape, Biro and Hoover). One of Thermos’s first manufacturing plants in Norwalk, CT is on the National Historic Register. The 11 building factory was built in 1861.

Thermos’ first successes at insulating beverages came from a method of placing one container inside a larger container, sealing the outside of the unit, which created a ‘vacuum’ inside the container which helped the inner container retain heat. Today most coffee travel mugs have replaced that technology with multiple layers of insulating materials, including steel, plastic, and foam.

A coffee travel mug can come in a plethora of sizes, shapes, colors, materials and of course price ranges. Here’s an overview of some differing types, as well as the most highly rated by consumers.

Copco Travel Mug

Affinity Mugs

Clear plastic tumblers come in a variety of sizes, and are generally less expensive than coffee travel mugs made out of other materials. You may be the type of individual who prefers ‘affinity’ merchandise, that is, to have items that display an image, whether it’s your favorite sports team, college, or super hero.

Iconic Designs

Fancy a coffee travel mug that looks like you just came from the expensive coffee shop, but you can use this one over and over again? Or how about that iconic New York City look?

Highly Rated by Users

Some of the best coffee travel mugs rated by other buyers include the Contego, made of stainless steel, with an easy clean lid. It’s double insulated to keep beverages hot for up to six hours. The patented auto-seal lid is 100% leak and spill proof, and makes for easy one-hand drinking. The double walled vacuum seal mug comes in a two pack, with one stainless and one blue, designed for spill proof one button drinking.

Chantal SL92-TThe Chantal SL92-T

If you’re looking for a sleeker design, the Chantal SL92-T might be your cup of tea…..or coffee…with insulation that holds your beverage at temp for up to seven hours. It’s made from BPA (Bisphenol A) free material, and has a spill-proof top with a silicone seal.

ThemoServ Mugs

ThermoServ is a very reliable brand that offers a wide-body insulated two pack. Microwave and dishwasher safe, they have specially designed ergonomic handles.

Designs to Appeal to Both Men and Women

Travel coffee mugs come in designs that might appeal to the super hero in every man, or his ‘inner cowboy:; or the woman who prefers her cup in designer colors with bling.

Choose from a Large Selection of Mugs

Today’s commuter has a large selection of choice to find the best travel coffee mug. Some quick research will give you the information of which style is perfect for you. Mugs are of course not limited to just holding coffee either; you can use them to hold other beverages such as tea, hot chocolate or even soup.