Choosing the Best Shampoo for Oily Hair

Most people, who refer to their hair as dry, normal, or oily, think they are referring to their hair type.

However, did you know that oily hair does not refer to your hair type, but in reality to your scalp type?

For instance, your hair can be fine and thin or it can be thick and curly, but you can still have oily hair! With this knowledge, this is why choosing the correct product for your hair can be a little challenging.

With so many products available to us these days, it’s difficult to know just what works, and more importantly, what is the healthiest for our scalp and hair. But how do we choose? Who do we listen to? Where do we go to buy the right products?

Rejoice! All is not lost! There are quite a few products that come highly recommended by experts who have had experience in this area.

Reviews, testimonials, and stylists can help you head in the right direction. This article is designed to show you a few products that are available for those who have oily scalp and hair.

Those who have fine hair need to stay away from drying ingredients like tea tree oil as it will dry out their strands and make their hair unmanageable. Those who have thick hair need to be careful of not drying up the scalp as their hair will be very difficult to comb out.

The perfect balance of cleaning ingredients are needed to control the sebum production (oily skin release) while at the same time, not over drying your strands, which can leave them dull and lifeless.
The following 4 products are some of the best for oily scalp. Some of you will only need to use them a few times throughout the year, while others will need to use them every day. No matter how extreme your oily scalp is, you will love these products.

Rene Furterer Curbicia Shampoo

For those who are prone to dandruff as well as an oily scalp can rejoice with this “lightness regulating shampoo!” Rene Furterer Cubicia shampoo uses an oxygenation process that naturally stimulates the scalp and most importantly, rid it of impurities. You will use this shampoo frequently at first, and will soon discover that you will be needing it less and less as your scalp produces a normal level of oil. Not only will this product clear up any fungus that causes those common white flakes, but will also add volume to your hair. Those with thicker hair will find their hair to be more manageable. Standing behind their 50 years of experience, this company ranks as high on this list for its performance and ingredients.

Opalis Cream Shampoo

A cream shampoo for oily hair? Although this may sound a little counterproductive, this innovative approach is very gentle, but effective enough to use every day. With all natural ingredients, this gentle and soothing shampoo will produce results that will leave you amazed. Opalis states that the cleaner the scalp, the fewer blockages your hair has. This will allow your hair to grow fuller and hair loss to be reduced. Not only is this shampoo packed with natural essential oils which will control oil production, it will not damage your hair and you only need a tiny bit of this fabulous product each time you use it. This product may be a bit on the pricy side, but well worth the investment.

Phyto Phytocedrat Sebo Regulating Shampoo

Are you prone to break outs, irritation or redness on your skin? If so, then it is important to have a good strategic regimen when it comes to keeping your oil levels under control by attacking sebum production.
Phyto Phytocedrat Sebo Regulation Shampoo is considered a high performance product which will help regulate the scalp using natural citrus oils like sage and lemon. It will also help heal the redness or irritations and prevent your condition from getting worse. However, it is important that you use this product sparingly to prevent dryness. It’s recommended that you use this shampoo no more than once or twice a week. You will actually see and feel the difference in your hair and scalp.

Nisim Shampoo

Do you have super oily hair and nothing you have tried in the past has worked or lived up to it’s promise? Never fear, Nisim is here!
Nisim Shampoo is not only designed to keep your hair healthy and strong, you will also notice how bouncy and shiny your hair will be when it is free of all that excess oil that has kept it trapped and weighed down for so long, and you will notice a significant reduction in hair loss as well.
Nisim Shampoo is a great product for both men and women. It is safe for daily use and can be a part of your routine in keeping your hair healthier and encourage consistent growth.


Nisim, Phyto Phytocedrat Sebo Regulating Shampoo, Opalis Cream Shampoo, Rene Furterer Curbicia Shampoo

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