News Choosing the Perfect Bathroom Faucet is an Important Decision

Choosing the Perfect Bathroom Faucet is an Important Decision


When thinking about the most beautiful and innovative design for a home, many people tend to focus on the living room, with its comfortable ambiance due to perfect color coordination and excellent choice of furniture ensembles. They may also think of the bedroom, with soothing colors and calming atmosphere through lack of unnecessary elements and the general feeling of space and freshness. The entrance to the house, the guest room, the dining room, and the kitchen may all be on the list of priorities, leaving yet another constantly used room behind – the bathroom. Even when more serious attention is given to bathroom design, the sink, the bathtub, the toilet, the lighting fixtures, the mirror and the cabinet often outshine one element of that room that can actually make or break a great design. Bathroom faucets are, invariably, considered utilitarian and uninteresting when it comes to interior design, and that is just plain wrong.

The sad story of the bathroom faucets

Given that the bathroom faucet is the most touched and used and therefore seen part of the bathroom, it is incredibly sad how little attention is given to this part of the design. We are in close contact with the bathroom faucets every single day, and yet most of us would scarcely remember the shade, shape, texture and general feel of the faucets we use. It is the faucets, however, that can either enrich and enhance a great overall design or ruin it. Just imagine an old-fashioned bathroom faucet in which you have to turn the tabs in order to separately mix cold and warm water in an otherwise high tech bathroom – one with an automatic soap dispenser, a state of the art lighting system, and so on and so forth. Bathroom faucets are often neglected, which can easily ruin the best intentions with the design of that room as well as others, producing the wrong impression or simply crossing out the positive impression of other elements of the design.

Bathroom faucets are not all the same

The common opinion may hold that there is only so much variation one can find in bathroom faucets, but that cannot be further from the truth. Different materials, wall mount or counter mount setup, texture, color, size, the general look and feel of a faucet, the incorporation of sensor technology, the combination or separation of cold and hot – all of these are elements to work with when looking for that perfect faucet that would be the definitive gem of your bathroom design and speak to your fine taste. Those unfamiliar with true value of design may focus on the larger things, like bathtubs, windows, sofas, curtains, and flooring, but an out of place bathroom faucet can be the straw the breaks the back of an otherwise well considered design. Do not let that happen in your case. Do your research and do not settle for an option that is anything less than perfect. After all, doesn’t your family – don’t your guests – don’t you yourself deserve the best?

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Choosing the Perfect Bathroom Faucet is an Important Decision
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