Choosing the Perfect Place for Assisted Living in Connecticut

Part of the Tri-State area, Connecticut is the third smallest state of the United States, but the 29th most populated one. With more than 500,000 seniors, it is the state with ninth highest percentage of senior citizens. As the cost of living index in Connecticut is 124, which is much more than the country’s average of 100, it makes the state one of the top most expensive places to retire in the nation. It is also the fifth most expensive state in terms of health care facilities.

Stats like these create a lot of problems for the seniors in the area. A majority of people prefer to stay in an assisted living facility, which is closer to their friends and family, but the high cost of living and health care, makes it a little difficult for them to find a pocket-friendly center for assisted living in Connecticut. If you are one of those, who are looking for a place like this, then the following information will help you make an informed and wise choice.

Why opt for an assisted living center?

If you or someone in your family is facing trouble while driving or are prone to forgetting medicines because of old age, it might be the time to join an assisted living facility. Seniors usually face problem identifying early warning signs of a disease, avoid talking to their medical practitioner about intimate problems and sometimes also have trouble understanding the doctor’s instructions. They do not want to trouble their loved ones unless and until there’s an emergency. This can compromise the care they need and deserve. Staying in a facility for assisted living in Connecticut will take care of all these issues and much more!

What to look in a facility for assisted living?

Now that we have discussed the importance of hospice care, it is also vital to list the factors that should be considered while selecting a center:

1. Close proximity to friends & family so that they can visit often

2. Proper assistance round the clock

3. Resident staff ratio should be low

4. Availability of proper medical facilities

5. Light and healthy meals specific to individual dietary requirements

6. Amenities like laundry, cable television and therapy centers

7. Availability of entertainment activities like yoga, hobby centers and games

8. Outdoor activities like picnics, day trips and outings, etc.

Selecting the right assisted living facility will not only improve the living standards of your loved ones, but will offer them proper care and will minimize the ill effects that an unnoticed fall or stroke can cause on their future health.

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