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Choosing the Perfect Snow Guards for Your Roof Style

We all know that we spend loads of money on building our houses and want to prevent them from any damage whatsoever. But, what if, a single season of heavy snowfall damages your gutters, lower roofing, verandah and even your plants and shrubs? You can prevent this from happening by installing the right kind of snow guards on your rooftop.

These guards are snow-barrier devices that are installed in several rows and cling to the snow in small quantities. This prevents the fallen snow to turn into a single, heavy ice sheet that can easily slide on the ground below and cause heavy damage to property and even gravely hurt people that come in its way.

Choosing Snow Guards According To the Roof Type

A wide array of snow guards are available in the market. You can select the guards for your roof on the basis of the type of roof you have, the material it is made of and its incline. Therefore, knowing the style of the roof you have can also assist you in deciding the snow guards most suited for it.

1. Flat Roof – Flat roofs need maximum maintenance – they need to be cleaned regularly to avoid water logging issues. However, as these roofs are flat, there is less danger of falling from these rooftops. Moreover, this style of roofing does not require any snow guards.

2. Asphalt Shingles – There was a time when this was the most common and least expensive type of roofing in the market. Only ultra-modern and rich people could even imagine having any other kind of rooftops. Though, slowly reducing in popularity, shingles roofing still have its many benefits – they are available in various colors, suit different climates and are very easy to install. One of the major drawback of this roofing style is that they need to be replaced every twenty years or so and are also lose their color from sunlight and algae growth.

3. Slate or Tile Roof –Considered a little better than Asphalt Shingles , slate roofs offer a more natural look. Though little expensive, slate roofs are low-maintenance and fire resistant. They have a life expectancy of over a hundred years. But you need to be careful while walking over them as they can get damaged by weight.

4. Metal Roof – This is the least maintenance and most environment friendly roofing. They are also most suitable for cold areas as they do not easily allow snow buildup. Most suitable guards for this style of roofing are metal snow guards.

By determining the kind of rooftop you have, you can easily buy the guards that suit them the most. So mount these guards on your rooftop and safeguard your house and family from snow disasters.

Rocky Mountain Snow Guards manufactures and distributes snow guards ( http://rockymountainsnowguard.c ), bolt down and standing seam clamp style snow fences of all shapes and sizes for residential and commercial buildings. To read more about snow avalanche conditions, visit Colorado Geological Survey.

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