Choosing The Right Equipment For Your Restaurant And Catering Business

When opening a food business, be it a catering business, food stall or restaurant, a major portion of the expenses will go to buying culinary equipment and supplies. When we say restaurant and catering equipment, it covers all that is needed for the preparation, storage, cleaning and serving of food to the customers and guests. Buying the correct equipment that is of good quality and training restaurant and catering staff and crew on proper handling, storage and cleaning are essential.

When buying equipment for your catering services or restaurant, there are a few things to consider:

Credibility of the Supplier
When you contact different suppliers, ask them if they have a registered company. Search for as many details about that company as possible. After all, you cannot take a risk in terms of throwing your money to get products from unprofessional suppliers. Ask these suppliers to show you their portfolio and the list of their clients. You will be able to know if the supplier has catered well to other restaurant owners and caterers by talking with them and asking for feedback.

Customer Support
Check if the supplier provides customer support to its clientele. You can do this by asking them if they have a team of professionals that take care of customer queries, requests or complaints. It is important because you might contact them again if you face any problem in terms of positioning your tables, chairs, and booths for restaurants.

Warranty/Money-Back Guarantee
Ask the supplier if they provide warranty to their equipment and what it covers — repair or replacement. Suppliers that offer money-back guarantee often mean they are confident with the quality of equipment they offer. Those with guarantees also often come with less hassle and trouble when it comes to strength and durability of the equipment.

Expert in the Industry
You can find out whether a supplier is an expert in the industry by asking them recommendations and suggestions on the types of equipment and supplies your catering in Makati needs.

There are many pieces of catering and restaurant equipment that must be considered when opening a restaurant or starting a catering business. The important aspect is to make sure that the equipment is big enough to service the restaurant and catering needs without being too costly for you to afford. Use a checklist and make sure that you have everything that you need for a successful business.