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Choosing the right floor to live in a High-rise Apartment

All the metro cities in India are seeing skyscraper trend that has created a big demand among the home buyers. Delhi is one of the metros which have the highest number of high-rise apartments in India. Top builders across the country have constructed high-rise flats for sale in Delhi. While considering buying a high rise apartment, one of the essential decisions is picking the right floor. Here are few factors listed to make a decision on choosing the right floor.

The Top Floors

High floors offer tremendous views… And, if you consider this factor very much significant, then don’t have any second thought. Just go for it. Most of the people prefer to stay in the higher floors because it keeps them away from the noise pollution. A top floor in a high rise is also gives you utmost level of privacy, and saves you from unwanted interferences.

While the flip side is the comparatively high power utilization. “unquestionably the top floors use up more power, be it usage of lifts, water transportation through pipes or the high electricity usage during summer season because of the augmented usage of air conditioners, “For accessing the top floors one requires highest level of patience to wait for the elevators and the potential stoppages while in the lift may annoy people.

The Middle Floors

The middle-floors equalize the pros & cons of the higher floors. The power consumption remains lesser while the effect of weather almost remains the same. It neither tough nor easy to do the loading and unloading in the middle floor. Always keep in mind to install efficient window systems to avoid the noise and dust from outside if you are choosing to buy an apartment in the middle floor.

The Ground floor

Ground floors are the best if you have got little kids and aged people in your family. If someone in your family or you suffers from a disability that can limit your movements or acrophobia, then close your eyes and choose lower floors. Convenience is all that matters then. Power consumption will be less compared to top floors and also the temperature downstairs is always cool. Loading and unloading of household items are the easiest in ground floor. The disadvantages of a house in the lower floors are; limited ventilation, as there is no climbing involved the security concerns are high, mosquitoes will be more compared to the higher floors. Surveys have shown that most of the people in Delhi prefer to stay in ground floors because of easy access and climatic conditions, this leads to fetching of more rentals and sales.


The safety aspect is a big concern in high-rise apartments. Most of the people are concerned about the occurrence of a natural calamity. What if there is an earthquake or fire in the building? Can evacuation happen quickly? Such concerns are reasonable. Most of the famous architects claim that high-rise apartments endure quakes better. They even claim that these days’ apartments are constructed in a way which helps to resist fire. All houses are built-in with fire fighting systems… Since, you cannot stop a fire on the 40th floor using a fire brigade, there are systems like wet risers which is a pipe with pressurized water accessible at all times. There are also faster ways of evacuation in high rises; regular drills are conducted for all tall buildings as a preparation to the unforeseen calamities.


All the high rise apartments have a very high amount of maintenance charge because they at least have two lifts. The stricter fire safety norms also add up into the maintenance charges.

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