Choosing the Right Location for your Tankless Water Heater?

Most people already know the importance of a good water heater in our daily lives and pay much attention to doing extensive research before deciding which model their new water is going to be, especially if they are going to get a tankless. What they often neglect to plan is the location. Tankless water heaters and electric tankless units to a greater degree, allow for more propitious placement than tanks and you should put this advantage to good use.

Why is it important where you place the Tankless Water Heater?

It is a pain to open the tap and wait for hot water to arrive for upto a minute. That happens because some hot water is left in the pipes last time you turn off the water and it’s cooled off. That cool water has to be dumped out before the hot water from the water heater can reach the faucet. How long you wait is primarily determined by the location of the water heater and it can take longer with a tankless because tankless water heaters take a few seconds to kick in and then they must heat the water inside the heat exchanger.

Needless to say, hot water delay is a terrible waste of time and water and the best measure to alleviate this issue is to keep the distance between the water heater and the faucet. A hot water tank gives you little freedom for that. You can’t just bring an awkward, 50-gallon tank into your living room. It’s got to stay in the basement, the laundry room or some other place away from people. Well, that’s one part where the electric tankless water heaters rule. They are such compact units that you can simply install them anywhere. Gas tankless water heaters are compact, too but they need a venting so you are not completely free to put them anywhere. A tankless electric water heater, on the other hand, could be installed inside a small cabinet. Then, where should it be installed?

Idea 1: The Kitchen

Kitchen is one place where you use a lot of hot water and most of the time, it is in small bouts. Imagine that you want to wash a single cup and it takes one minute to get hot water. That would be annoying, indeed. Putting your water heater in a kitchen cabinet would eliminate that problem once and for all. Some of the best electric tankless water heaters such as Ecosmart ECO 27 and Stiebel Eltron Tempra Plus 36 are less than 18 inches on each side and less than four inches thick. You could place one of those in a cabinet under the sink and enjoy instant hot water for the next decade.

Idea 2: Close to the Main Bath

Open the hot water faucet in the shower and go watch TV until it gets hot. That’s what many people do on a damp morning because it takes eons for the water to get hot enough. Installing a water heater very close to the shower will allow to jump out of the bed right into the shower every day. Nice start for the day, isn’t it? You see two tankless electric units located right above the shower head in the picture. I wouldn’t exactly put them there though. These devices are very well-built but continuously exposing their exterior to the vapor from the shower could shorten their life in my opinion.

Worst Place to put a Tankless Electric Unit: The Basement

Personally, I would never install a tankless unit in a basement, so far away from the points of hot water use, unless there is some reason I cannot imagine at the moment. Placing a compact electric water heater in a basement would nullify its size advantage and make you waste countless kilowatts and gallons waiting for the water to get any warmer. People sometimes do this and that’s probably because they are used to having the water heater down there but the results you get from such a placement is going to far from optimal.