Choosing the Right Piano

If you’re looking to buy a piano, either for yourself or your kids, there are things you need to think about so you make the right decision for your purchase. If you’re not familiar with the different options that are available then it’s very easy to get lumbered with a piano that you’re not really happy with.

Yamaha Pianos

Factors to consider

  • Digital or acoustic – This is one of the biggest things you have to decide on. It’s important to realise that a traditional acoustic grand piano is going to cost considerably more than a digital piano. Not only that but acoustic pianos are much larger and more difficult to transport. On the flip side, if you have the room and available budget, an acoustic piano is a worthy investment that adds a touch of class to any room.
  • Size – This is another important consideration. Any acoustic piano will have 88 full-sized keys but when buying digital the number of keys on the piano can vary a lot. The reason for this is that digital pianos are often used as MIDI controllers or starting instruments. Whilst pianos with fewer keys might take up less room, they’re not ideal if being used to teach children or if you’re planning to learn a lot of classical pieces that make use of the full range of keys.
  • Where to buy – Where you buy your piano will determine whether you get a warranty, what price you’ll pay and what condition it will be in. Although you can find a bargain buying used, it’s usually preferable to buy new from a dealer. This is because you’ll get a warranty with the piano and be able to have any of your questions answered by an expert. It’s incredibly advantageous to play the piano you’re planning to buy before committing as you’ll be able to test out its features and see how it plays.
  • Brand – The brand of a piano is always an important consideration. There are many excellent brands available but Yamaha grand pianos have an exceptional reputation for quality, features and playability. Yamaha have been making pianos for over 100 years and make a wide range of models that are suitable for piano players of all levels.

One of the best ways to avoid buying the wrong type of piano is to get advice from someone who knows about them and can make suggestions based on what your wants and needs are. Most people will have a family member or friend who’s musical and this is just the person that you want to bring with you. However if you buy from a music dealer then they’ll also be able to answer any questions you have.