News Choosing Unique Wedding Invitations to Reflect Your Style

Choosing Unique Wedding Invitations to Reflect Your Style


Weddings are a time to celebrate love, union and most importantly you. Make sure that your wedding invitations and save the date cards are as unique and inspirational as your own, personal love story. Everyone has their own special style, and a wedding is a great opportunity to show off what you have to offer. While you may be worried about impressing your future in-laws, chances are your guest list includes quite a bit of people that you have never met, or perhaps even heard of. Sending out unique reminder cards and wedding invitations are a great way to make a positive first impression on your sweetheart’s family.

Save the date cards are a great way to inform your family about your engagement, and let people know when you are planning on having the wedding. There are a few things to keep in mind about save the dates. First of all, a save the date is not the same thing as a wedding announcement! Planning your wedding is a huge moment in your life, and you may feel that everyone you have ever met should know about it. While this may be true, it is important to set a guest list before sending out your save the dates. Save the date cards function as a pre-invitation to a wedding. If an individual receives a save the date, then they will assume that an invitation is to follow. Sending out save the dates to people that you are not planning on inviting to your wedding could lead to uncomfortable situations–that may include a guest list that is higher than you originally expected.

Wedding invitations are a way to really set the tone for your wedding. Is your wedding going to be formal, casual or somewhere in-between? Sending out a pristine white lacy invitation for a beach side wedding that is no-shoes required could send mixed messages. Think about it, you will not want your guests showing up in tuxedos to stand in 90 degree weather outside. Likewise, you would not want to send out a jokingly casual invitation for a black-tie affair. Take a moment to think about what you are expecting from your guests, and send out an invitation to match that mood.

There are plenty of ways to customize wedding invitations to make them unique. One simple way to do this is with the wording of your invitation. Play around with formal styles and fun poems until you find a message that matches your wedding theme. While your save the date cards are a great opportunity to represent yourself, your wedding invitation should be a representation of the event. To add personality to your wedding invitations consider the different colors that you want to incorporate. Try spraying each invitation with a scented perfume, or press flowers and stick them in the envelope along with your invite.

Save the date cards and invitations are a great way to add personality to your wedding before the big day is here.

Choosing Unique Wedding Invitations to Reflect Your Style
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