Choosing Your Test and Tag Service in Australia

“Test and Tag” is a service provided which involves the process of conducting inspections and electrical testing of appliances built for use in places such as the home and workplace. Electrical testing has been performed on many businesses such as Woolworths and Hungry Jacks. These tests are aimed at determining the condition of the electrical appliance, specifically whether or not it meets the acceptable safety standards required for personal use as laid out by both Australian and New Zealand Standards; AS/NZS 3760:2013 – In service inspection and testing of electrical Test and tag serviceequipment. There can be an overwhelming amount of variables involved in selecting the appropriate test and tag service for you or your business, and giving that these services are highly abundant within Australia, it is safe to assume there are electrical testing services out there which may perform below appropriate testing standards. It is your priority as owner, manager or supervising shift worker to ensure that all service workers on your site are trained professionals, as any damage or injury caused from result of inappropriate testing procedure under law will incur you with the blame. Bylaws issued by industry and state pertaining to test and tag service providers must be adhered to and understood by both you and the technician, for any breach can result in litigation directed towards either party.

Any business offering testing services should attract a degree of scepticism if they produce hand-written tags, as this is something which should arouse suspicion by the client. You should always ensure that all technicians providing the testing are appropriately trained by citing acceptable forms of identification prior to the commencement of work. Ensure the service provider divulges a testing program of some kind which details the procedure step-by-step of the test to be taken and make sure that the testing service conducts all testing from a fully functional and safe power outlet. If electrical testing services offer the option of tracking all dates for mandatory retests, then that can be a good indicator that they are a safe bet for hiring. Make sure all testers comply with your business’s safety induction plan, with any refusal to partake to be noted and prompt you to avoid their service. All technicians should also be obligated to provide adequate credentials pertaining to working with children, say if, the electrical testing were being performed at a place of business such as a day care centre or primary school.

A testing firm that enforces police background checks on all their employees is also an optimal choice for ensuring that only professionals are testing your appliances. Testing companies ideally provide their own personal protective equipment (PPE) such as: safety goggles, high visibility vests and work boots of an appropriate thickness. Clients seeking any electrical testing should also obviously be wary of all pricing quoted by the service, since these services may charge by the hour or by per-appliance tested. At times, testing may incur additional surcharges, therefore it is good to get a good understanding of all the charges you may incur from the work they will perform on your electrical goods prior to commencement.

A great way of having an understanding of how electrical testing is done is by enrolling yourself in a short course demonstrating how to do a test and tag yourself. Some electrical testing also provide access to a 24/7 call centre to assist clients with any discrepancies regarding services performed. Test and tag services may also refrain from including travel charges as part of their service and some electrical testing services may not go to rural or remote areas where your business may be located as travel for them may be deemed unfeasible. Get a good understanding of the firm’s previous clients for added assurance that the service they provide will leave you satisfied, and check that all test and tag businesses provide you with a log of all electrical testing done, able for you to view online to keep updated on what is happening with your job. Also, check their record for being on-time with other clients they have worked on and if the record does not satisfy you e.g. 40% of jobs in the last month reported technicians showing up on site by half an hour; seek electrical testing someplace else. Finally, quality and assurance teams are known to be hired by electrical testing services to audit their technicians while on-site; therefore it is recommended you check if the firm provides this before work begins.