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Christian Alternatives for halloween

Some Christian families do not participate in Halloween activities because they do not agree with the conclusion of certain ideas, like magic and spirits, which are associated with this day. This presents a dilemma for parents and churches that do not want their children to feel left out of the many activities taking place on October 31.

Here are some Christian alternatives for halloween. The goal is to spend the day with family in a way that no fence to contradict Christian beliefs they have.

Feast of Noah

Much of the attraction of different halloween costumes are used for parties and for trick-or-treat, where children go from house to house looking for candy.

Adapt this idea inviting the children of the church for a celebration of Noah’s Ark, where they can be dressed in your favorite animal. During the party coordinate activities, games and crafts related to the theme. A good time, one of the Sunday school teachers can reunite children to tell the incredible story of how God saved Noah, his family and the rest of the creation of a great flood.

This idea can work well with other issues such as the creation of the world, Daniel and the lion’s den with children dressed as lions, or the story of Joseph and have each child bring their version of the tunic that Jacob gave to his youngest son.

Collection of food cans

Instead of asking for candy, as children often do when they go trick-or-treating, forming groups of three or four children, youth and adults, and ask neighbors to donate a can of food for the benefit of an organization Local to help low-income people.

To get kids excited about this activity, share with them a Bible story that teaches about good works and care for the poor. Ask each team to dress the same color, to decorate T-shirts with a special theme and the faces are painted with small words and fun shapes like hearts and stars. At the end of the event everyone can get together to celebrate with pizza and ice cream.

Harvest home

This is a great opportunity to start the Thanksgiving season. The idea is to organize a service where members of the church, either as a family or individually, bring local products to offer to God in gratitude for his many blessings.

For this special service, every church member who wants to bring an offering goes to the supermarket, to the public marqueta, or your favorite place that sells fruits and vegetables, and so buy enough to fill a basket that is well decorated. In turn, each person brings his gift to the altar and give a little testimony. The church can donate these baskets to needy families.

Treaties and sweets Christians

If you and your family prefer to stay home on Halloween but also do not want to ignore children who innocently touch his door looking for candy, prepared with time as a special treat for them.

After a family devotional, everyone can help prepare bags of candy and small toys that do not have halloween symbols and include a treaty or a Christian coloring book. Usually these materials are easy to find in Christian bookstores. This could be an opportunity to teach their children to share the gospel with others in your neighborhood.

Reformation Day

Some churches celebrate the Protestant Reformation every October 31. It was on this date in 1517 that Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses outside his church in Wittenberg Germany. This can be a good topic for a Bible study. The discussion can be centralized in Romans 1:17 where it talks about man’s justification by faith. This was the thrust of the reform. For a more dynamic, you can see one of the many films that have been made on this topic or can find copies of the 95 theses to read together.

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