Christian Healing Prayers

Christian Healing Prayers

Healing is a much debated subject. Some people do not believe in “Divine Healing”. However, the Bible does speak of “Divine Healing.” One of the ministries of Jesus while on this earth was to heal the sick. The multitudes of people came from miles around to be healed by Jesus. As Christians we must know that the healing ministry of Jesus Christ is still alive and that we can receive a healing from Jesus Christ the Savior. The Word of God (The Bible), is full of scriptures in the Old and New Testament that show the Healing Power of God. Below are a few short prayers that can be prayed for healing. (Results from Christian to Christian may vary, according to your faith and walk with the Lord). Please know that the healing power of God is not magic are anything similar to magic. The following prayers are based on scriptures out of the Bible.

The God that Healeth:

Father God in heaven: The Bible says that “You are the God that Heals me.” Lord I am coming to you and putting my trust in you that you can heal me from this ailment (insert your ailment). I am coming to you in complete faith and trust know that Jesus Christ shed His Blood for my sins as well as my healings. Lord Jesus I have received you in my life and Saviour and Lord so now I am asking for a total healing in Jesus Name.

Father You Want to Heal Me:

Father Your Word says that you will take away all of my sicknesses (Deut 7:15). Your Word also says that You forgive all my sins and heal all my diseases (Ps 103:3). I am coming to You now Lord in complete faith and trusting You to perform Your Word in my Life. Lord forgive me of all my sins and I repent of them now. I confess everyone of them and renounce the power of sin over my life. I am Your child Lord and I believe that You will perform Your Word in my life. In Jesus Name! Amen!

The Cross of Calvary: Paid for Our Healing:

Lord, the Bible says in Isaiah 53:5: that You were wounded and beat and humiliated so that we could be healed today. The Bible also shows in Matthew 8:16-17, that you bore all of our sickness and infirmities while on the Cross of Calvary. Right now Lord I claim and lay hold on the Word of God as my guide to healing. I am speaking these scriptures aloud to seal them into my heart. I will pray them everyday in Jesus Name so that my body will line up and conform to the Word of God. I pray that these short Christian Prayers will help you to get started in the right direction to believe God for a healing. Please note that you may add your own take to these prayers as the Holy Spirit leads you. God Bless You!