Christian Terrorism

‘Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.’ -C.S. Lewis

This statement gives one a clear picture of what true tyranny is.

Terrorism is a term that has in our day and age become something that American’s now seem to identify solely with the religion of Islam. All around the world, this western demonization of said religion has struck fear into the hearts of nearly all who are not of ‘middle eastern’ descent. But why? Why is it that we as rational, thinking adult human beings, capable of constructing telescopes that allow for us to see farther out into the universe than we can even wrap our minds around, and are capable of so many great and wonderful things…Why is it that we cannot see the reality of our situation.

The title ‘Christian Terrorism’ I’m sure seems to be a statement that must have come from Satan himself to most of the simple-minded people of the western world, and those who have become infected by the ideologies of those in power who are more than happy to keep most of the American population blinded to the reality of what control truly is and what it looks like. It is astounding, because such ideas are not contained by the borders of American soil, but rather, have and are rapidly spreading round the world, and accepted as fact rather than fiction.

C.S. Lewis was known for his ‘Chronicles of Narnia’ best selling book series, and secondly for being somewhat of an icon for Christianity, and yet, you ‘Christians’ will most likely refuse to accept the truth in his words, or in mine. Your own ‘coach’ would agree with me, but because it conflicts with your ideas of what and who ‘God’ truly is, you simply cannot accept such a term as ‘Christian Terrorism’ as being anything other than some atheistic rant against God that should be ignored by true believers, as it is only an attempt to shake one’s faith. To that I have only this to say. If your ‘God’ is so great, and your ‘faith’ is strong enough to get you into ‘his’ ‘heaven’, then why do the words of an infidel concern you in the least? In my mind, if you believe what you believe as strongly as you would like to believe that you believe it, then I would be incapable of believing that you would even waste your time or mine with reading this, or arguing against any of the points that I will make in this book.

…However, if you cannot seem to get past your hostility towards the mere title of this book, and find in yourself an uncontrollable urge to read it, if only to gather intellectual ammunition in which to wage your holy war against me and every other logical, mature adult who simply wishes for a chance to live in a world where they are truly free to live their lives as they were taught in our American schools that our ‘great’ country was supposedly established for…Well then, I would have to ask for you to continue to read, but expect to have many sleepless nights, and many more brain-wracking days of struggle trying to come up with enough rhetorric to cover up the cold hard facts contained in the concepts of this book. You see, I do not deal with rhettoric. It sickens me. It is what our government is built upon, and it is the reason that most hard working Americans today cannot afford to go to a doctor, or pay their taxes. It is the reason why innocent african-americans are encarserated wrongfully, and why muslim-americans cannot walk through their lives in ‘The Land Of The Free’ without being treated as though they were Beelzebub himself. It is because of rhettoric that issues such as ‘Gay Marriage’ are fought over in courtrooms so vehemently. It is rhettoric that causes you and I to pay three dollars and some change at the pump. It is rhettoric that has caused our economic condition, and it is rhettoric that has kept our soldiers in this ‘War on Terrorism’ for 10 years. Yes my friend, rhettoric is your closest friend, and worst enemy, and it is rhettoric that has caused most of you good upstanding ‘Christian’ citizens to become so outraged and the publication of this book.

…and it is my first ammendment right that has caused it to be published, so argue not with me on whether or not this is ‘Politically Correct’ but rather, with the constitution, but be careful, or you might just prove to yourself that you are not as ‘Christian’ or ‘American’ as you would like to think.

You see friend, the opening quote says basically that a true tyrant, or ‘terrorist’ for the sake of clearing up any confusion, is not the man who violently takes control of a 757 and crashes it into the tallest building in NYC for the sole purpose of killing as many people in one attack as possible, while also showing a country filled with pride that they are not as ‘protected’ as they would like to think… No my friend, that is not the true terrorist. Bin Laden is dead, as well as Saddam. Such tyrants can be silenced and dethroned. All it takes is enough force.

The true terrorist, is the one who is unknown. The one who has been bred to be such a terrorist nearly from birth, and trained all of their life, not by one teacher, but rather by the entire society around them. The true terrorist is the terrorist who is so hidden, that even he does not recognize himself. The one who kills so mercilessly, that they do so with a smile upon their face, and a heart full of love and sincerity. The true terrorist is the one who uses his holy book not to justify the physical slaughter of those who do not believe the same story about ‘God’ as they were taught, but rather, who uses it to enslave entire continents with a vehement passion, all in the name of ‘saving’ mankind. The true terrorist is he who kills not with his hands, but rather with his words. The true terrorist does not release biological weapons upon innocent children in order to strike fear in the hearts of a nation, but rather he leaves the comfort of his home and country for two or three weeks in order to bring food to the starving children of Africa, only to return home so that he can boast of his works for God, and be praised for his sacrifices as he sits down to a warm meal of more than grain mixed with water from a stream. The true terrorist exhibits such feigned actions of compassion not because he intends to aim for such shallow morals, but rather does so out of a sincere heart, believing fully that he has done God some great service, but he then uses such ‘good works’ as further ammunition against his enemy. His enemy is a person such as myself, who sees through this facade of rhettoric that he wears as a mask of deception. His enemy is anyone who decides to oppose him and his ideals, and it is not because he himself feels attacked, but rather, he cannot comprehend anyone having the audacity to question the teachings of what he was taught by those who assisted in making him into what he has become, much less anyone demonizing him and his core beliefs in a manner so consistent with his own demonization of all else around him except for that of which he is comfortable with.

Yes my friend, the true terrorist of modern day America is not the muslim who is a member of a sleeper-cell, and who will tomorrow be ‘activated’ and run into a crowded mall with C-4 explosives strapped to his chest and will kill hundreds of innocent people who were out peacefully shopping. It is the run-of-the-mill good hearted ‘Christian’ who is shopping in that very same mall, who had just past by an old friend who no longer attends their church, and turned his head in hopes of said friend not seeing him, because he wished to avoid any sort of confrontation, because he ‘knows’ and has even told said former-friend that they are living in sin, and are hell-bound if they do not change their ways. He has told this former friend that he wishes for him to visit him at church and ‘come to Jesus’, yet when said former-friend visits, it astounds him that they actually showed up, and then chooses to view it as a ‘demonic attack’ against him personally by this person who is full of satanic energy, and thus, refuses to even wave, smile, or turn his gaze towards that person who just a few years previously had been his best friend…And he does it all under the guise of obeying the scriptures in that they say in certain parts that believers in Christ should shun those who are habitual backsliders, in an attempt to guilt trip them into returning to a life of obedience to the religion’s diety who died for them, and demands that they do the same for him in order to attain heaven and eternal life…

Now, perhaps you cannot understand such a concept. ‘How can you say the suicide bomber is less of a terrorist than the judgmental christian? Did the christian man hurt anyone?’ The simple answer is no, the Christian did not harm a fly physically. However, think of what he did do, and why he did it. He successfully continued the cycle of hatred that is tearing this country apart by it’s threads, and here’s the clincher. The muslim could have been stopped had appropriate security measures been taken, but the Christian’s hatred is protected by God himself it would seem, for I cannot point out such hypocrisy in a religious man without myself being hated and discriminated against by those who claim to be filled with the spirit of God…and remember, your book says, ‘God is love’.