Christmas Card Photos – Picking the Best One

Customized Christmas cards are a great idea to send to family and friends but how do you make that all important choice of which photo is the best to use? Here are a couple of tips to help you make that choice.

One or Many?

One photo is usually more eye-catching than many but this depends on what your goal is. If the card is mostly a ‘catch-up’ with family and friends (especially those that live some distance away) a collage style card with multiple pictures can work well. A collage can tell a story or just give family and friends some great pictures of your family to increase that emotional connection at Christmas. (Not all customized Christmas card websites allow you to create a collage but there are many out there that do so it’s just a matter of finding the site you need.)

If your goal is just to create a fabulous card, sticking to one, bigger photo can be more striking than a collage. You can increase the impact of the card by also choosing a photo where the child, adult or even pet seems to make eye contact with the reader of the card. The eyes are a really important part of the photo.

Remember Photo Quality

Even if that slightly blurry photo is cute choosing a photo that does not have good colors or clarity will decrease how good the finished card looks. So think about photo quality when you choose your photo.

A Christmas Theme?

Using a photo that has a Christmas theme (such as a Santa hat) can really add a holiday feel to a card. It’s a good idea to take some Christmas themed photos earlier in the year so you have these special photos ready when it comes to creating that yearly Christmas card.

Is it a Good Match?

Finally, think about the design and colors in the photos. Will an important part of the photo be cut out when it is added into the card software? Will the colors in the photo match or clash with the color choices you will have to create the card? Are you able to crop the photo so the most important part of it becomes central when it is placed into the card? It can help to find a few customized card websites first so you will know what you will be working with when you are choosing your photo. It can also help to choose a few photos so if one does not look as good as you thought you will have others to choose from.

Photo: santa hat by melanie lauren – Flickr Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-SA 2.0)